Microsoft starts blogging about Windows 7

By on August 14, 2008, 6:00 PM
Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about Windows 7, carefully revealing only little bits of information about the OS – specifically that it would use the same driver model and basic kernel approach as Windows Vista and that it is reworking the whole user interface with a multi-touch experience in mind. But the secrecy stance over at Microsoft is slowly changing, or so it seems.

Today Microsoft is launching its Engineering Windows 7 blog, hosted by two senior engineering managers for Windows 7: Steven Sinofsky, who is in charge of the Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group; and Jon DeVaan, head of the Windows Core Operating System Division.

While neither of the only two blog entries thus far provides any useful info regarding Vista’s successor, Sinofsky did at least say that the company plans to “provide in-depth technical information about Windows 7” at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) and the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in late October. It remains to be seen how much or how deeply Sinofsky and DeVaan plan to discuss Windows 7 on the blog, but at least it’s a start.

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Old101 said:
"it is reworking the whole user interface with a multi-touch experience in mind". Why do I think we are about to graduate from eyecandy to touhy-feely candy?.
aolish said:
Here's hoping Win7 has some NEW exciting features.
fullmetalvegan said:
lol, every Windows thread has anti-Vista propaganda from aolish on it. =P You're computer won't be able to run this new OS either, judging from your previous posts, and will likely require equal or more hardware requirements to Vista.Hooray for Vista. =]
windmill007 said:
Yeah lets hope they get the user interface right this time. Something along the lines of XP but improved on. Really I think they had it right with XP then screwed it up with Vista. Anything that slows you down in productivity is a step backwards in my book. I can get where I want to go so much faster in XP than vista. And no I'm not talking about its sluggish performance on my brand new Dual Core 4GHZ system either. You have to click many more times if you want to get to the inner workings of anything. Sure newbies don't notice but sorry us power users do!
fullmetalvegan said:
Weird you say that, my opinion of Vista's user interface literally is, "it's like XP, but improved upon." Vista comes across as XP Mark II to me, is visually nicer and everything. As a power user I am of the opinion that I get things done faster in Vista than in XP as well.
aolish said:
fullmetalvegan: do me a favor and list some of the things that vista does for ME that will warrant me to go out and spend 300$ on, seriously... no smack talk, nothing. What is it about Vista that is well worth spending 300$??? I'm pretty much a heavy gamer and thats about it. Is there anything about Vista besides DX10 that will make my games benefit from??? What is it that vista does that xp can't do for me that i like in terms of gaming. A vast performance increase in games would of been nice and obviously well worth it but obviously we know thats not true. And a prettier UI doesn't warrant 300$. I want at least a dozen new things about Vista that will be beneficial. Oh btw my system specs that i have on my profile is now severely outdated. I haven't updated it because I am still hooking my system up, especially with the 4800 series thats out now.[Edited by aolish on 2008-08-15 20:41:13]
windmill007 said:
[b]Originally posted by fullmetalvegan:[/b][quote]Weird you say that, my opinion of Vista's user interface literally is, "it's like XP, but improved upon." Vista comes across as XP Mark II to me, is visually nicer and everything. As a power user I am of the opinion that I get things done faster in Vista than in XP as well.[/quote]Naaa I think windows 95, 98, me was like XP interface and each one improved on the last....Sorry but Vista went its own route. Sure if it was the first windows OS out we might of liked it. But its not. It is a completely different OS whether u can see it or not.
halo2freeek said:
Sure, it's new, no one said it wasn't new. XP was new, I remember everyone hating XP when it came out. It was a huge difference from 2000 to XP, and people didn't like the change. I work in retail, and I sell computers. The main complaint I hear about the computers I sell is that they have Vista, and most times I just want to punch the person in the face. People are dumb, consumers: they're dumb, and they thinkt hey know stuff. I had a guy come in yesterday, ask me all sorts of questions for my opinion, shoot down everything I said saying something that he had was 100 times better, and try to tell me that Windows Vista was built on Server 2003. That is a load of crock, Vista was built from the ground up. People need to give it a break, it was completely 100% new. Yes, things were changed, it might take more or less clicks to get where you need to go, but get used to it, and you don't notice it. You might argue that you're just used to XP and not Vista, and that's what I tell people: IT'S NEW. You'll get used to it, you'll find what you need and you'll use it, and you won't notice that it's different than XP, you'll notice that it's better looking, FAR more powerful, faster, and better than XP. I could not play my games on my macine when I had XP on it. I have Gears of War, and Halo 2 that I play mainly, and I have 4 GB RAM, running the games of a seperate 1 TB SATA HDD, and an 8800GT Superclocked 512 MB, I got maybe 25-30 FPS in both games with max settings and resolution (which for me is 1920x1200). When I installed Vista, I noticed a HUGE improvement, my FPS shot up to anywhere from 80-100 for both games, at max settings and res. Halo 2 doesn't use DX10, and I had it turned off for Gears, so it wasn't that, it was the system better allocating the memory and resources I needed. Vista is a better OS than XP, no doubt, you just need to drop the pretense of knowledge (and this wasn't directed at anyone here) and get used to the new, that's all.
DarkCobra said:
Well like some I go all the way back to Windows 3.1, then 95, 98se, ME, 2000, XP and now Vista (sadly). I HATE VISTA! Now that I've got that out of the way I feel better. I'm sure there are some applications where it is superior. However, for my normal uses (and everyone I know pretty much says the same thing) there just doesn't seem to be much difference other than a pretty G.U.I. (Aero). Aero is slick but let's be honest and admit it's also a ridiculous memory resource hog. Yes, it has tricks like flipping windows (yawn). Gimmicks like these are vastly overcome by laughably ridiculous things like U.A.C. Whoever came up with U.A.C. should be shot! Yes, computer security is a problem but asking the sole administrator of the computer every time you click on something if you are STILL the REAL owner is nothing short of a joke! Suppose you're NOT the administrator and just click that you are . . . it opens it anyway! This is security? Now I hear that Windows 7 may be out as early as next year (2009). I fear Microsoft is suddenly rushing to replace Vista as fast as Scotty can push the WARP engines. This will be an even larger blunder. I'd rather they "Get it Right" than "Get it Right Away" this time around.
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