Apple leads PC makers in customer satisfaction index

By on August 19, 2008, 1:18 AM
Overall customer satisfaction within the computer industry fell slightly for the second consecutive year, according to newly published data from the University of Michiganís American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). But while PC makers far and wide are struggling to improve, Apple seems to be moving in the opposite direction with a score of 85 on a scale from zero to 100.

Not only is this a new all-time high for the industry, the roughly 8 percent year-on year leap puts 10 points between Apple and its nearest rival. The score is attributed to the success the company has had with its iPod, iPhone and Mac lines, but it is also pointed out that dissatisfaction with Windows Vista might have hurt the scores for Appleís rivals.

HP, Gateway and Compaq all fell by 4 percent, with second-place Dell being the only exception posting a 1.4 percent gain to 75. Customer satisfaction is a hot-button issue these days, and if these latest figures are anything to go by, Apple has been doing a good job in this regard for some time now Ė their increasing market share and revenue certainly seem to reflect this notion. They are not without their flaws, though, and the recent MobileMe debacle is proof of that.

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benken2202001 said:
Counting peripheral devices (such as the iPod and iPhone) with PC data based on customer satisfaction of PC makers seems wrong somehow. Companies such as HP, Gateway, and Compaq don't offer such devices to "boost" their cust. satisfaction scores.
abakus said:
Exactly. All the guys I know who use a mac do act like they are very satisfied. However I also noticed that they generally have less knowlege about computers then PC enthusiasts. My conclusion: the less you know, the more content you are.
9Nails said:
I know of several Apple customers who have had fatal problems with their computers (problems? shouldn't this drive down customer satisfaction?!) but Apple was able to make a success story out of the issue by offering a free system upgrade in a new computer and provide a new warranty. I can't think of a single PC manufacture who has done that.Instead, I know of several PC owners who had problems with their computers (none fatal) but had really bad support trying to resolve the issues. (Which were mostly related to bad drivers.)
therickster90 said:
Personally I think customer service is overrated. I've never relied on it to fix my problems. Warranties are another thing though. They can be helpful if you're not technically inclined. On the other hand, I have a custom built comp, knowing that if any of my components fail, I can replace them. And since it cost less than half of what I would have paid for a boxed pc, I'm willing to do that. Apple...I don't know what to say. I wouldn't say apple customers are...ignorant. But Apple builds computers that are hard to mess up. Between their custom hardware and bundled software (that's always described as "just perfect for what I do!"), their tech support is usually much simpler. And usually they just replace the dang thing. But how much do people just like apple? If someone like dell were to replace their huge line up with 3 computers and double the price, maybe use a linux distro custom made for their hardware, would people be all over that like they are with apple?
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