Mozilla to add ‘private mode’ browsing in Firefox 3.1

By on September 12, 2008, 12:15 PM
Mozilla has let it out on their Wiki that the next version of Firefox will offer a Private Mode, in which writes to cache, history, and other traces of a user’s browsing activity are blocked. This has been considered before but was sidelined indefinitely in the run-up to the release of Firefox 3.0.

Why the sudden change? Well, certainly the recent buzz around Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 shipping with privacy-mode features had a lot to do with it – not to mention Apple has been offering “private browsing” features in its Safari browser for some time now.

As you can imagine, the battle of the browser is heating up and Mozilla needs to keep pace with competitors. But aren’t all these “private browsing” features just giving users a false sense of privacy? After all, they are in general are a client-side feature, and irrelevant when considering they can’t actually stop a network admin from tracking visited URLs or websites from logging a user’s IP. Then again, they could make it safer to browse in shared computer environments.

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windmill007 said: all our children can do bad things and we will never know.
Eddie_42 said:
Or you could monitor your child...I know...crazy thought
---agissi--- said:
Eddie you obviously dont have kids or remember being a kid. They're real smart.
fullmetalvegan said:
I agree with Eddie.If your kids are really smart, then private mode isn't going to help them any, they'd already be able to hide their tracks.
windmill007 said:
But it will make it harder for the not to smart kids to get caught. You know where the parent hits history or something and its listed. So they talk to there child and helps them out. If the kids easily hits privacy button because it sounds cool it gives the parent no possible chance of discovering what there child is doing. If a parent really wants to help there child not be able to or accidentally view bad things a free blocker like "K9" is great.
or you could lock down the computer w/ passwords and then install hidden keylogs and blocking software if your really that concerned w/ your kids on the net, Not hard, just need to be committed for real and not lazy and trusting, don't do this to kids that are not bad though, that's a stupid parent the ones that are paranoid for NO reason w/ no proof.
JerryWithaJ said:
OR you could simply tell the kids that they lose their privileges if there's even a hint that they've been in privacy mode.
Beach said:
Why not just trust your kids and give them the benefit of the doubt for Chrissakes?
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