AMD releases Catalyst 8.9 drivers, adds OpenGL 3 support

By on September 17, 2008, 6:29 PM
AMD has just issued the ninth update this year for its Catalyst driver software package. Version 8.9, in addition to the usual round of bug fixes, includes a new 1080p @ 50Hz display mode, overclocking support for quad-Crossfire X configurations through Overdrive and OpenGL 3.0 support – which is limited to 10 extensions at the moment, but AMD promises it will “continue to expand support.”

Check out AMD’s release notes (PDF file) for the full list of changes, or go ahead and pick your OS to download the latest Catalyst driver:

ATI Catalyst 8.9 for Windows XP
ATI Catalyst 8.9 for Windows XP 64bit
ATI Catalyst 8.9 for Windows Vista 32bit
ATI Catalyst 8.9 for Windows Vista 64bit

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DarkCobra said:
The NINTH update this year for the Catalyst drivers huh? Well that easily means that on average every single month they had to go back to the drawing board and tweak things to try and make them work correctly. I'm not at all surprised they have required such constant attention and I personally will never again in this lifetime purchase another AMD video card with Catalyst Drivers for this very reason. I found them to be the buggiest drivers ever contrived! AMD and their fan boys will "spin" that they were revised practically every month in order to supposedly improve them. Truth be told (and many will agree) that the Catalyst Drivers have been overly problematic and THAT was the true reason for the constant need to revise them.
[-Steve-] said:
ATI has been updating their Catalyst drivers every month for years, this is nothing new!It has nothing to do with them going back to the drawing board and starting again. It has to do with support and compatibility. New games are released that need to be supported and Crossfire technology needs to be adapted. They support users by fixing any bugs that come up and they do this by updating the drivers once a month.Can’t say that I do agree with you to be honest, I test graphics cards almost every day and rarely do I run into a problem with the Catalyst drivers. In fact it is only when a new graphics card is released that we ever see a problem. Once ATI release the official drivers everything usual works the way it should. The same can be said about Nvidia’s drivers though if anything they give us more trouble. Still for the most part I feel that ATI and Nvidia do an excellent job with their drivers.Could they do better? I would say yes but really most users should run into very few problems, just like us.
captain828 said:
Techspot used to have a caption under it's name referring itself as a "PC enthusiast site"so we're not talking about old cards here; we're talking about newly released cards (HD4000 series is the current DAAMiT gen). Generally ATi's drivers aren't bad but when a new game releases (especially a very demanding one) your newly purchased HD4870X2 has worse performance than a single HD4870... not to mention the fact that Crossfire is generally less optimized than SLisingle GPU wise, there were issues with the HD4000 series when they first appeared (just check a 0-day review of the HD4870). nVidia's GTX280 had no similar 0-day issues...not to mention the fact that nVidia likes leaking a lot of Beta drivers that help with issues with games (eg.: Bioshock, nVidia released a Beta drv on the same day as the game shipped, ATi I believe a couple of days)and no I'm not a nVidia fan boy and I don't like their stinky mess-up with the naming scheme or the fact that GT200 is way too expensive and s***s at AA compared to the 4870
black_adder said:
Captain, Crossfire Scales Much better than SLI, proven already by tons of reviewers, So how do you figure its worse than SLI?And have to Agree with Steve here, ATI Bring out new drivers to keep up with compatibility, rarely is it because they need to tweak them.I like ATI, far better Value for money. Nvidea have turned into money grabbers reallyEither way, downloading these now :-)[Edited by black_adder on 2008-09-18 10:05:10]
Per Hansson said:
I agree with Steven too, I prefer the ATI drivers over nVidia alsoHowever there is one glaring problem with them; ATI's drivers don't support their AGP cards, so you have to get them from the vendor, which unlike ATI almost never goes about updating them (Gecube Radeon 2400Pro 512MB in my case for a HTPC...)
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