One for Mac lovers...

By on December 3, 2002, 2:11 AM
I know a few persons that would definitely resemble those described on this [URL=,2125,56575,00.html]article[/URL] at Wired. Without doubt Macintosh fans are the ones maintaining Apple afloat, even when they release a fancy gadget every once in a while, Macs are still pretty expensive and loyal fans have shown they are willing to pay for themů

To Mac users, Apple represents everything that Microsoft isn't. Apple innovates; Microsoft copies. Apple puts out solid products; Microsoft puts out buggy ones. Apple represents creativity and individuality; Microsoft represents business and conformity. Apple is the scrappy underdog; Microsoft the big, predatory monopoly.

Well worth a read IMHO, but I just wonder how longer will Apple survive like this? Or, perhaps they have already realized and are comfortable with the fact they have become an 'exclusive' niche.

Here's also a [URL=]thread[/URL] from our forums discussing the Mac platform and hardware, any Apple lovers reading this?

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