Paid videos inching closer to YouTube

By Justin Mann on April 16, 2009, 5:31 PM
Google's never-ending quest to make YouTube turn a profit will make a predictable change of course in the coming days, as the company begins to investigate the possibility of paid videos. Advertising support alone clearly isn't enough to keep the YouTube bills paid, and some of the more creative ventures Google has tried haven't yet panned out. As a result, the search giant has been looking for premium content provided by big-name media giants, such as an announcement at the end of last year to host MGM movies.

Now, they're taking that one step farther, and may be introducing pay per view videos on YouTube. This isn't an official announcement yet, but recently Google has been working with Sony and others to bring even more premium content into the site. The idea is that Google will be able to offset the expense of operating YouTube with a certain amount of videos that cost cash to view.

Good idea or not so much? YouTube users will decide ultimately, though I imagine it largely depends on how Google pitches it. Video on demand is definitely on the rise and perhaps Google will be one provider of them.

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czplayer said:
Eh, no different then renting a movie.
Tekkaraiden said:
It's a great idea but seeing as most people watch youtube to avoid paying for TV shows I doubt it would be successful.
mattfrompa said:
If they add this as a section to their site, Viacom will have a stronger case that they benefit from copyright infringement (not from these videos, since they will certainly be getting licenses and partnerships for these videos) but then they will have a anther reason to claim that copyright infringed material brings users in, and then they would be more likely to watch YouTube's pay to see pay-per-view videos. I hate Viacom but this doesn't seem like it will help the current court battles. Unless they can get Viacom to sign on and share revenue with them, then I'm sure they would shut up. But if not, it's only going to get worse...
yukka said:
"It all depends on how google pitch it".It all depends on which videos google decide we need to start paying for.Personally I would be extremely unlikely to pay anything for random people falling over and music videos from bands I would never ever usually listen to.Half the fun of youtube is watching things you would normally never ever see, such as randomly forging an hour long trail from video to video to video until you realise what you are doing and hit alt+f4 :)
DarkCobra said:
I've seen a lot of interesting short clips on UTube. However, I've yet to see a video clip on UTube that I would actually pay money to watch. The day they try to charge me will be the day I find something better to do.
JDoors said:
Good luck with that YouTube. I have to echo previous comments, I've yet to see anything WORTH paying for. So you might put (more) "movies" online? Yeah, like there are no other options for that type of content. What could they possbily supply that would make YouTube my destination of choice?
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