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fan- wii 3ds nintendon nintendo nintendo 3ds multiplayer consoles nintendo wii u

Fan-made project aims to keep Wii U and 3DS consoles online where Nintendon't

Something to look forward to: Nintendo shut down its free online network, Nintendo Network, on April 9, permanently disconnecting Wii U and 3DS consoles from online services. While the company's latest console, the Nintendo Switch, relies on a subscription-based network called "Nintendo Switch Online," there are plans underway to revive the Nintendo Network – unofficially, of course.
mpa congress piracy movies copyright isp blocking

The MPA plans to collaborate with Congress on piracy website-blocking legislation

The MPA CEO called pirates "real-life mobsters" who engage in child pornography
A hot potato: Charles Rivkin, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association isn't a fan of pirates. He says many of those who operate piracy websites are "real-life mobsters" who engage in child pornography, drug trafficking, and other crimes. He has also announced that the MPA plans to work with Congress to introduce legislation that blocks pirate websites in the United States.
fiber fiber optics

Fiber optic researchers showcase speeds 4.5 million times faster than average home broadband

The breakthrough could provide an affordable path to upgrade existing fiber networks
The big picture: The ability to move massive amounts of data as quickly as possible continues to become more critical to our everyday lives. Earlier this month, researchers published the results of an experiment that could help increase transmission speeds exponentially using existing fiber optic infrastructure.
mark zuckerberg nvidia ceo jensen huang taylor swift tech jensen huang meta nvidia

Mark Zuckerberg meets with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, calls him the "Taylor Swift of Tech"

Zuck also confirmed that Meta is planning to Buy Nvidia's B100 AI accelerators
In a nutshell: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently met up with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and shared a photo of the two of them together. The viral Instagram post, which has already received over 170,000 likes, shows the two billionaires wearing each other's jackets.
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