Blu-ray sales on significant rise

By Justin Mann on April 17, 2009, 3:28 PM
While still dwarfed by DVD sales, the Blu-ray format is definitely starting to pick up some slack. According recent figures, sales of Blu-ray media have nearly doubled in just a few months, rising to roughly 9 million discs sold in the previous quarter. That's a steep increase from the last quarter of 2008, when the Blu-ray format managed to move about 4.8 million units. Those discs are all estimated to have landed themselves somewhere in the homes of 10.5 million Blu-ray player owners. Given the sales figures of the PS3 in the U.S., that would seem to indicate the console makes up the bulk of Blu-ray capable devices currently.

Blu-ray's stumbling blocks aside, the format does not appear to be failing. DVD adoption was slow as well. The initial high cost of Blu-ray players didn't help any. It was last year that the prices really began to come down, so it would make sense that this year will be the first in which respectable sales figures are seen. To really reach critical mass, however, you'll still need a player that is in the same price bracket as a standalone DVD player.

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TD_Baker said:
Well as long as the nations stagnant infrastructure is slowly crawling to gain some momentum to compete with other more connected countries and ISP's starting to put a cap on your internet bandwidth, streaming HD will probably be a decade away and Blue Ray will become more of the norm...
9Nails said:
I've noticed that Blu-Ray disc prices are starting to be just a few dollars off the DVD equivalent. No longer are they $10 - $12 above a DVD with the same special feature sets.
windmill007 said:
^^^^^ Hummm strange Netflix seems to think they are getting more expensive as they have raised there prices for Blu-Ray rentals.
JDoors said:
I wonder how much of this sales boost is due to the rental market vs actual consumer purchases? Netflix's purchases alone could account for much of the increase.I believe DVDs were commonplace BEFORE they became the media-of-choice in the rental market (with many rental outlets having an EXTREMELY limited supply of DVDs at first), while the opposite may be true for Blu-rays (with the rental market stocking up BEFORE the demand is really there).In any case, until players get cheaper, it'll be slow going for Sony's format.
I also think we are just moving towards streaming services anyways... I already do the whole Netflix streaming onto my 360 way which I thought was genius cause I wanted to be able to do a lot more of that on my PC.
yukka said:
There are more 2 for 1 offers in the UK. Currently I can buy a new release blueray disc for around 17 pounds, or get 2 for 20 pounds. The 2 for 1 offers do not include the newest discs but those will be available around 2 months time at the lower price.I still have not bought a blueray disc myself as I personally love the prices of dvds - second hand dvds can be bought for around 3 pounds and I have really fleshed out my collection with those.Blueray is becoming more affordable though and if the price difference is just a couple of pounds, I will probably start to buy them. Currently they just dont have the available back catalogue that DVDs have and there are few new films I rush to buy, prefering older comedies and TV classics.Though if the new red dwarf 3 part special comes out on blueray, I will definately buy that :)
Mictlantecuhtli said:
[b]Originally posted by 9Nails:[/b][quote]I've noticed that Blu-Ray disc prices are starting to be just a few dollars off the DVD equivalent. No longer are they $10 - $12 above a DVD with the same special feature sets.[/quote]They still are here (in Finland). I'm not going to pay 30 for one movie no matter how good it is.
mctommy said:
For the US, HD streaming will never pick up with the ISP putting caps on the amount of data one can download. Dvds are definitely getting cheaper in the states...
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