Corsair introduces 16GB Flash Voyager GT

By on May 1, 2009, 6:31 PM
Corsair has announced a new high-performance entry in their library of USB drives, the Flash Voyager GT. The California-based memory giant is offering an impressive feature set for their new MLC-based drive. Available in 16GB capacities, the Flash Voyager GT is boastful of up to three and four times the transfer speeds of a typical USB flash drive, according to Corsair release notes (no hard numbers came on the PR).

Designed to withstand the elements, the Voyager series is enclosed in Corsairís proprietary rubber housing. This casing has enabled the drive to resist third party torture tests, including being laundered, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped and even run over by an SUV, all the while remaining in working condition. As with most drives of this nature, it is Plug and Play with most operating systems and backwards compatible with USB 1.1.

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omenadds said:
Sorry Matthew DeCarlo, but this is nothing new, I have owned a fast RED Corsair Voyager GT which happens to be 16GB, for more than one year now.I also have an old 4GB Red GT.[url]
df[/url]Both are fantastic !love em !Cannot live without the 16.Waiting patiently for the 64GB GT version confirmation that it is on the 'drawing board'[Edited by omenadds on 2009-05-01 23:35:16]
Matthew said:
Hmm I will try and research the update to the series and offer a clarification. You can view the announcement elsewhere on the web ([url=]full PR here[/url], among other places). I am not 100% certain as to what changes have been made from the previous product.Pulled straight from the PR release: "The new 16GB Flash Voyager GT uses specially-selected, hand-screened MLC NAND flash memory in a dual-channel configuration, combined with a high-speed controller IC..."However, I'm almost pretty sure they didn't *just* switch from SLC - so the MLC isn't even a very recent change in the series, I don't believe. :) Definitely a curious situation.[Edited by Matthew on 2009-05-02 00:43:43]
9Nails said:
17636[/url]There's news about a Voyager Port - a USB device offering a "One-touch" backup through the provided NovaBACKUP 10 software. The Voyager Port will work with any USB flash drive.I'm also waiting for a larger than 16GB Voyager GT part to come out. It seems years in the making! If it's being made at all.
omenadds said:
UpdateThe official documentation on the corsair web site:[url]
.pdf[/url]Is dated 06/19/08 ( PDF created )06/22/08 ( PDF Modified )So it might have been changed or re-launched, but they have not differentiated between old and new 16G GT's____From Australia ..." CHEERS ! "
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