Microsoft silent on future of Windows Vista

By Justin Mann on May 4, 2009, 1:15 PM
What will become of Vista once Microsoft makes Windows 7 available? With many people still opting for XP over Vista and many businesses refusing to adopt the newer operating system, many are wondering if it will soon become a forgotten release sandwiched between releases much like Windows ME was. Microsoft, unfortunately, doesn't want to speculate and has declined to comment on their future plans for Vista.

Remaining suspiciously indirect about their aims, Microsoft says they haven't made a decision on whether or not Vista licenses will be available past the launch of Windows 7. In fact, they claim they aren't even sure. A few things they have clarified are that Windows 7 users would be able to downgrade to Vista if they so choose and that 2012 marks the end of support for Vista. Microsoft seems to be hoping that the demand for both will be small, betting that the next iteration of Windows will capture both Windows XP and Windows Vista users. All in all, they are being curiously silent about the matter.

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Julio said:
What future?
tengeta said:
The requirements for 7 are going to be lower, there is little chance of its survival.The only instances I see it happening is where certain laptops have finicky drivers with 7 and their manufacturers never release them forcing those people to use Vista or XP for the duration of that machine.
phantasm66 said:
[b]Originally posted by Julio:[/b][quote]What future?[/quote]Erm... well, there might be a service pack, or something....Surely....One day?;)
phantasm66 said:
Actually I think this thing is just kind of lame, plain and simple.Now I have to go out and shell out like 100 or something for what is the "ultimate" or "professional" or whatever is the kick ass version of Windows 7 now, when I was just sold an OS less than 2 years ago. Now I know that in IT 2 years is like an age but is there not some free update to Windows 7 I get, or something???
fastvince said:
This sucks!. I paid $259.00 dollars plus tax for Vista Ultimate !This will encourage piracy as alot of people who paid full price for Vistawill look for hacks and free versions of Win 7.I will never pay another penny for any Microsoft product. I am switching to Ubuntu !!
Rick said:
[b]Originally posted by phantasm66:[/b][quote] is there not some free update to Windows 7 I get, or something??? [/quote]There is, if you purchase Vista after July 2009. Heh heh. The actions of MS seem to reinforce the idea that Vista was a mistake; They should really offer an upgrade incentive or maintain support for a longer period of time... as they did with XP.And Windows should be MUCH cheaper than it is, both for the sake of the consumer and Microsoft's future.
phantasm66 said:
The relationship between Vista and Windows 7 kind of puts me in mind of what XP was to Windows 2000 Professional. At their heart they were the same thing but XP had all the extra bits and pieces for users, looked funkier, etc. They came out a bit too close to each other as well. Kind of the same thing here.
Julio said:
I assume there is going to be some kind of cheaper upgrade path for Vista users like there's been before but given the short lifespan of Vista and how 7 is basically all that Vista should have been, there should be further incentives for those who shelled out cash for the retail version of it, even more so Ultimate edition users.
9Nails said:
[b]Originally posted by Rick:[/b]...And Windows should be MUCH cheaper than it is, both for the sake of the consumer and Microsoft's future.[/quote]Lets keep that between us. I'm fearing the day that you need a license to sell a program on Windows. Like, in the same way that you must license a DVD to sell a game on Xbox 360. If Microsoft did come up with a program like this, the price for Windows would be low. But we would be paying for it through some sort of developers tax.I'm also dreading when MS takes an Apple approach to the OS model and sells each service pack as an entirely new version.I agree with cheaper - but not for the sake of cutting corners like these two examples do.
gobbybobby said:
Uh, They better offer me a good deal on windows 7, I mean less than 40 to upgrade, I have Vista ultimate, I think its great and don't see why so many people have not upgraded, but then I have a PC that can run it well. I thought it was peoplewho bought there copy of Vista after July 2007 got a free copy of win7 but it seems not.
DarkCobra said:
I'm starting a rumor! Windows 8 will be out sometime next year! Wait for that one . . . :)
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