Psystar emerges from bankruptcy with new hardware

By on July 2, 2009, 12:16 PM
Just when it seemed like it was all over for Psystar, the infamous Mac-clone maker is reportedly set to emerge from bankruptcy and “again battle Goliath.” In an email newsletter sent to subscribers today, the company said Chapter 11 protection was critical to their daily operations, and suggested it plans to continue churning out products despite its legal and financial troubles.

In fact, the company just unveiled their new Open(7) system, which pairs an Intel Xeon CPU with up to 24GB of RAM for a fast OS X experience starting at $1,500. Psystar also announced a new bootloader, called the Darwin Universal Boot Loader (DUBL), and mentioned plans of an open source release. More details regarding the future of its business are expected soon, as the Chapter 11 process nears completion.

The lawsuit will likely continue in the meantime, which makes me wonder if Psystar folks are unusually valiant for releasing a new Mac-clone, have the financial backing of Apple’s competitors as it has been previously speculated, or are just poorly advised.

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Guest said:

Psystar is a great company. I have some of their products and they work beautifully. One should remember that the EULA is a contract between the buyer and Apple. this is not a copyright infringement case, it's a case about the licensing agreement. Some states back the EULA and others don't. It is still a legitimate question as to whether Apple has a right to tie it's OS to it's machines or not.

Guest said:

Easy solution, charge $500 for the OS and offer a $500 rebate when you buy a Mac.

---agissi--- ---agissi---, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Apple probably wants their products to sell. This is almost monopolistic.

Guest said:

It isn't almost monopolistic, it IS monopolistic. And it's an aggressive attempt by Apple to close the door on anyone outside of Apple that sells a computer with the Apple OS on it. Apple wants to overcharge for their computers and make it so that no one else can under sell them.

Which is fine, until another company like Psystar figures out that the Open Source UNIX operating system can be installed on a standard Intel PC.

Bottom line, Apple can sell their OS for whatever price they want to sell it for, but once someone buys it, they should be able to install it on whatever machine they want to install it on.

Guest said:

Yes I agree with both of you,

I should be able to buy my license plates for my car and be able to put them on any of my other vehicles.

that is until I get caught.

Guest said:

Actually, you can install license plates on any car you pay for to put them on, which was the same analogy as posted above. We're not saying you can only buy license plates for Apple cars. If you want a license plate and you pay for it, you can license it to any car you want to.

Guest said:

Duh! the license is tied to one and only one vehicle (or computer).

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