LG touts world's first full HD 3D monitor

By on December 3, 2009, 11:54 AM
With the so-called 3D revolution picking up steam, we are bound to see countless products boasting the technology in the coming months, and a wave of manufacturers hoping users will upgrade their existing displays. It remains to be seen how consumers in general react to this movement, but LG wants to be the one leading the charge with the world's first mass produced full HD 3D monitor.

Measuring in at 23 inches, the LCD monitor is being marketed to PC gamers, though will also be compatible with upcoming high definition 3D broadcasts, which are set to enter a trial phase next year in Korea. Details remain scarce at the moment, but the good news is you won't need to keep your shutter glasses on at all times, as LG's monitor is also capable of switching between 2D and 3D modes on the fly.

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jjbeard926 said:

I'm sorry, but having to wear a pair of glasses to see 3D isn't really 3D, isn't practical, and reallym I just don't care. 3D is a lame fad and to me they still look horrid. I'm tired of hearing about them.

dellz said:

I really would wanna know how much it costs , if it costs over 400$ than in my eyes its pointless for pc gamers , but mby not for 3d movie watchers or something like that,

Regenweald said:

I'll give the tech 2-3 more years before I consider buying it. Much as I am doing with SSD's. Should make for quite engaging home entertainment.

ryan29121 said:

Too bad you have to put on lame glasses to get 3-d. 3-d sounds interesting, but at this point its probably pretty expensive.

Moltar said:

I don't see the point. jjbeard926, your right, having to wear glasses just makes it seem pointless. Plus, whenever I look at a 3D display even with the glasses the picture quality inst even remotely close to a normal display.

Serag said:

Would that be harmful for the eyes if glasses put on and used for long time..like excessive gaming sessions?

claycc said:

I would love to try it out but it will probably be a couple of years before the tech becomes affordable.

ColdPreacher said:

@Serag I wonder to how this would affect your eyes in long gaming sessions compared to normal 2D sessions.

Guest said:

Yeah I'm tired of hearing about this too.

I thought the 80s taught us about these silly electronic fads... or not?

compdata compdata, TechSpot Paladin, said:

News Flash for everyone who wants 3d without waring some form of eyeware. The only way to get a 3 dimensional image is to create image separation between what your eyes see. So either you create a true 3-d model/image (think 3-d hologram) or you have to come up with some way to create two images on the same flat surface and trick you eyes into only seeing one of them. So get use to 3-d glasses or opt for some retinal implants that either filter colors to trick your eyes or that alternate frames between your eyes.

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Not even up for consideration. I've yet to see a 3D movie - even a 3D IMAX movie - that didn't look fuzzy as hell around the edges. Total novelty and zero practicality.

I'll be happy with DX11 thank ya very much!

AbsolutGaloot said:

Those glasses look really goofy. A game on a 3D monitor might be cool, but would mostly jsut be gimmickey. I'll hold out until they have *actual* 3D projection, with no need for funny (and probably uncomfortable) glasses.

swilllx2p said:

compdata said:

News Flash for everyone who wants 3d without waring some form of eyeware. The only way to get a 3 dimensional image is to create image separation between what your eyes see. So either you create a true 3-d model/image (think 3-d hologram) or you have to come up with some way to create two images on the same flat surface and trick you eyes into only seeing one of them. So get use to 3-d glasses or opt for some retinal implants that either filter colors to trick your eyes or that alternate frames between your eyes.

I'm almost positive its already been stated that down the line you will not need the glasses to view it(requiring another new tv). I think it was within 5 or 10 years. So, Its not such a dream like your describing it as.

Hereimiz said:

When they eliminate the glasses, i'll be onboard... until then this is little improvement over the old tech

klepto12 klepto12, TechSpot Paladin, said:

the cost of these so called 3d sets is going to be high plus you have to wear glasses that is just lame in and of itself. we are in the HD revolution right now why go to a new format when over half of the people in the US dont even own HD tv's or lcd monitors for that matter? how much will it cost $1000 for a set and $200 for glasses this will not catch on like they hope it will only people with deep pokets will want to buy this and then the novelty will wear off and it will be used as a 2d monitor for the remainder of its life.

RealXboxMaster said:

This technology will fail. People get motion sickeness from this type of technology. Here read this


RealXboxMaster said:

This is OLD technology. Nothing new here. I remember Sega Of America first introduced the 3-D shutter Glasses for ther 8-Bit game system 'The Sega Master System' back in 1987-88. Each shutter flicker @ 1/60 of a second.The screen that displays the image from your tv is out of sync. So in the end, this create a 3D effect.

KG363 KG363 said:

And the future is here

kaonis92 said:

As far as i know, watching anything on a 3d lcd wearing 3d glasses can cause you a headache in less than 10 minutes, I don't really think this will be a success.

Afenix said:

I have a 22" LG monitor, and im pretty happy with it. Don't feel like moving to the 3d era, btw my glasses pretty mess up everything. Hope to take them off soon though. 90% of the electronics in my house are LG, it's my choice of a brand, they're very reliable, and work just great! As always LG has proven themselves right

Decimae said:

Like all some others here, I wonder whether this will be not too expensive and whether it will or won't give you sore eyes/motion sickness. Though it seems great to finally get a product on the market.

slh28 slh28, TechSpot Paladin, said:

It's about time a full HD 3D monitor came out, I think the reason a lot of people held off buying the Samsung one was because it was only 1650x1050.

vangrat said:

wait...weren't they doing this same "3d" crap back in the 50s...come on people get over this, Yes it's a nice gimmick but it is not going to sell, What I would like to see more of is that 360degree viewable monitor that Sony demoed at CES. Now that was 3d.

BlindObject said:

Umm...3d does sound awesome.I dont think money will matter to me, I'll deff get a 3d set up.

tengeta tengeta said:

Something about STILL having to wear glasses to see in 3D that makes it seem a lot more like prehistoric crap than new technology. And its not just 2D if you don't have them on, is garbled graphics and colors to the naked eye.

lfg18 said:

This technology is still very early in its development, we have to wait for some time for it to become standard but anyway this is a very good product, the capability of changing from 3D to 2D is very good, specially if you want to see a movie with your friends or show something to a group of people and you don't have enough grasses for everybody, I would buy it if they give it the right price.

BlackIrish said:

OLED is far more important and better than 3D monitors...

AnonymousSurfer AnonymousSurfer said:

I agree with those who oppose it. I'm gonna stick with the conventional screen (although I will take my flatscreen instead of those darn fat things.

Xclusiveitalian Xclusiveitalian said:

Glasses is no innovation, innovation would be just having the lens built into the screen. To be honest 3D isn't so amazing that id spend more on it, maybe when it's glasses free and come in something larger than a 23'

Puiu Puiu said:

I would really want one of those monitor but i bet the price is way up there.

Richy2k9 said:

hello ...

i used to have a pair of voodoo 2 on my late gaming rig, i even purchased a 3D shutter glass VR goggle pack for it, was quite impressive yet made me dizzy. i ended selling it to a friend who never used it & now the PC is dead, the cards are sleeping in some drawers somewhere.

this technology is old & the new devices coming out haven't revolutionize it, the concept of wearing glasses makes it limited. will be great when we won't need such accessories & have 3D right out of the monitor ... it is possible, yet too expensive. so please manufacturers do go that way instead!

i may go for a PC monitor with 3D & a glass, if the price is same as others on sale for i already have an HD TV for my Console, will not buy any one soon.


Hyperian said:

wearing glasses is a big negative. and it really depends if the 3D is useful or not. if it's just for novelty then no a lot of people are going to want it.

people switched from CRT to LCD cause it was easier to move and take less space, practical reasons. people are not going to switch to 3D if it costs lot more than normal sets unless there's some real practical reason for having 3D LCD TVs

timljh said:

I thought 3D TV will out first.. this is the way, it is more suitable for computer monitor. i can't wait to play games in 3D mode =P

drasho said:

lol who care about the glasses... youre gonna be gaming in youre room anyways... It not like u look dumb already with ur huge headset... ^_^ Might aswell go all the way and have a cool and unique gameplay

buttus said:

I agree with a comment above that this tech is really 3-4 years away. 3D isn't new though as I remember getting the 3D glasses with my Geforce 2 GTS 32mb card back in the day.

UglyChild said:

Heh... LG needs to catch up.

Philips and Mitsubishi made a 3D tv with out the need of glasses.

levar said:

kg363 said:

And the future is here

yup, and rather quick I may say technology is moving fast.

gguerra said:

Old technology you say. If I'm not mistaken 3d movies with the funny glasses came out in the 50's.

spydercanopus spydercanopus said:

I f'ing love my 3D Vision and 22" samsung monitor (1050P), adding 30 more verticle pixels and an inch doesn't interest me, but the 3D news broadcasts sound awesome! I can't even find 3D movies to play with this unit.

Although your "switches 2D to 3D on the fly" is stupid. Of course it can.

Guest said:

There are already true 3D monitors that use lenticular screens so that you see a different image with each eye without glasses. Not yet as sharp as regular screens but still very impressive. Of course polarizing glasses are much better since they don't produce the terrible color distortion you get with the red/cyan glasses, but the pictures or movies have to be projected that way.

To those who call this a "gimmick," if that were the case with 3D vision we wouldn't have evolved it ourselves!

TechDisciple said:

Well that's good news i guess.. tells us technology is moving in a great direction.

compdata compdata, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I have thought about this a bit more and I would be surprised if the 3d technology catches on unless they can figure out someway to get rid of the glasses, or at least get the picture to be viewable from people without the glasses without quality issues (think people casually watching who arn't going to ware glasses while cooking or running on a treadmill).

compdata compdata, TechSpot Paladin, said:

swilllx2p said:

I'm almost positive its already been stated that down the line you will not need the glasses to view it(requiring another new tv). I think it was within 5 or 10 years. So, Its not such a dream like your describing it as.

If you find anything on this i would certainly be curious, so let me know if you have any links or anything on it.

Guest said:

the point is.... it looks fabulous. the screen goes from a flat, boring 2D, to a vibrant, 'nearly real' window into another world. it feels like there is so much more information there. if the price is wearing some glasses, thats a small price to pay. forget the old, naff 3d. this is what we were looking at using for chemical / medical imaging applications 8 years ago, but with mature tech. bring it on!

Guest said:

I also fully explored 3D last time around (the ASUS VR-100 V3800 TNT2 days), and recalled that it worked exceptionally well, but ONLY if you had the right setup. The key back then was a large (very expensive) CRT screen capable of 150Hz @ XGA resolutions with fast (low persistence) phosphor. With the right setup, I remember being blown away playing Motorhead for hours on end.

What is now very exciting about LCD shutter 3D is High Definition and modern digital displays. Low resolution SDTV / and slow CRT phosphors is what made LCD shutter 3D glasses a bad experience for most last time around.

Firstly, you need enough resolution to be able to create accurately offset left and right eye full detail images, and you need displays that are fast enough (as in persistence of image) to be able to show a clean left / right image to each eye at least 60 times per second (without image lag still ghosting the image meant only for the other eye). Once this is achieved you have a sharp, clear, visually accurate and non-headache inducing 3D experience.

This time around, full 1080p HD gives us the resolution we need to do this, and digital displays are getting faster - the only question I have is can an LCD display really be fast enough at 120Hz to truly avoid the left / right image ghosting which contributes to the headache issue? Or, do we still need to await a faster full HD display technology to make sharp, clear non-headache inducing 3D finally a reality for all?


Concorde said:

I have 2 pairs of glasses around my neck at most times plus sunglasses all over the place , some mobile, so another pair will bring a little bit of fun around the home. 3D TV will happen so bring it on.

Adhocdegra said:

I'm waiting for Nvidia to get their product to market. No Glasses. They already have a successful prototype. Two parts, a Light Refractor that fits over the monitor and a PCI card (Pixel Splitter). Their estimated cost is the exact same price of current monitors and no more, if they add a monitor as the third item (complete package). Costs less if they sell it without a monitor.

Basicly they reused a late 1800's technology for bending light, you may have seen some Disney or other MFG products on a cardboard surface (light refraction through a plastic film piece), you turn it slightly and the image changes like a story board (only two images on that thing).

Anyways, Nvidia patented a light refraction design that can be sized and merely placed onto any monitor. So far they've only tested it on a 14" monitor. The 3D image (or hologram) comes out the exact distance equal to the size of the monitor (the refraction film fits over the monitor, no different than standard anti-static/anti-glare screens you can buy off the shelf and just slap onto a monitor).

The secret that made this old technology work is Nvidia's Pixel Splitter which is basicly a PCI card that handles how the monitor lights up across the whole screen (pixel by pixel) and refracts through their patented lense or monitor cover.

The only thing else I could hope Nvidia would think about developing and creating is a touch screen version. That would be awesome. It's not a true hologram because it doesn't use lasers (not sure if laze is required for something to be classified as a hologram). Could probably be called a 3D-Projection Screen.

3D images are not a fad, if you've ever become used to or familiar with a touchscreen or a virtual keyboard. 3D TV shows or 3D Movies might be a fad.

Guest said:

i see you just posted this before the movie avatar, best quailty ever! looks amazing! takt it back!!!

Guest said:

well it wouldn't hurt to have one of these 3d monitor tho.

Guest said:

Most of these comments mention having to wear glasses. Would you guys want to post more constructive comments rather than QQing about having to wear glasses? I'm not interested in whether you like to glasses or not, and no one is asking you that either.

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