Happy New Year

By Derek Sooman on December 31, 2002, 7:00 AM
It just became 2003 in Australia's part of the world, so I guess its not too soon to say....

[center][COLOR=orange]*[/COLOR][COLOR=red]*[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]*[/COLOR][COLOR=teal]*[/COLOR][COLOR=blue][SIZE=4]HAPPY NEW YEAR![/SIZE] [/COLOR][COLOR=orange]*[/COLOR][COLOR=red]*[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]*[/COLOR][COLOR=teal]*[/COLOR][/center]

All the best for the New Year!

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Cucumber said:
:stickout: :giddy: :wave: :stickout: :giddy: :wave:
Phantasm66 said:
it finally happened. all i have to say is[center][COLOR=orange]*[/COLOR][COLOR=red]*[/COLOR][COLOR=
e]*[/COLOR][COLOR=teal]*[/COLOR][/center]I have made new year's resolutions:1)I am too young to have a beer gut. I shall join a gym and start to get fit before I die like my grandfather did at 53.2)I shall clean up the forums, there being less BS posted, so it is a good computing resource like it used to be, and3)I shall study harder with my computing courses. What about U???
Refwhett said:
[SIZE=4]HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
palmboy5 said:
i still got 6 Hours...:thefinger
palmboy5 said:
im doing nothing:suspiciou :darth:
Vehementi said:
My resolutions are much the same as yours Phant (minus the beer gut) in that:1) I will definitely clean up my act on the forums and notify mods of any infraction/BS posting.2) Never miss [i]one[/i] day of working out, [b]ever[/b].3) Start a new training regimen.4) Work my butt off to get my A+ certification and get whatever experience I can [i]now[/i] so I can get a good IT job when I'm 16 and pay off that heavy car insurance ( $150 a month :dead: ), and generally be a pretty dang smart guy when it comes to computers so I can help the people here more.5) Get better grades. My current GPA is like ~3.2. I should be honor rolling (GPA of 3.2), as I get $20 from my grandparents...:D...If I honor roll in every quarter from now until my senior year, which is 12, then I'll get $240...not too bad if you ask me :D At least a 3.5 for this term. What I really want to do is get my first 4.0, starting next term.[b]Happy 2000th post for me![/b]
Refwhett said:
Yeah but I'm already drunk.......................................................
..............ha ha ha.Anyway once again [SIZE=4]HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vehementi said:
[b][SIZE=4]HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE[/SIZE][/b][SIZE=1] who lives where it already is the New Year[/SIZE] [b][SIZE=4]!!![/SIZE][/b]This is my 2003rd post. Very cool.It's currently 7:06 PM here. 5 hours left! :D
Phantasm66 said:
[SIZE=4]HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hahahahahhah Happy new year!!!!![/SIZE]
SNGX1275 said:
Happy new year, hope you guys are/have/ or are goign to have a more entertaining one than I am. Mine is just another night, nothing special, guess thats what happens when you go to hs in a small town then come back after 4.5 years of college, there just aren't many cool people left, heh. No actually I could be out with a couple people I knew in HS, but I just couldn't get myself that fired up to go out tonight for some reason. oh well.
conradguerrero said:
yeah I still got 4 hrs leftHappy NEw years!!!!:hotbounce
Phantasm66 said:
vassil3427 said:
[SIZE=4]!!!!!Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!![/SIZE]
Vehementi said:
:suspiciou Was this thread merged?
vassil3427 said:
What do you mean by that Veh?:rolleyes:
Vehementi said:
This thread was combined w/ the Frontpage News & Comments New Year thread.
palmboy5 said:
well, why not?;)
Vehementi said:
12 minutes left.
Vehementi said:
[center][b][SIZE=4][COLOR=orangered]HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!![/SIZE][/COLOR][/b][/center]
palmboy5 said:
Phantasm66 said:
[quote][i]Originally posted by palmboy5 [/i][b][COLOR=red][SIZE=4]SOMEONE TELL ME WHY I SHOULD BE HAPPY?![/SIZE] [/COLOR] [/b][/quote] of course you should be happy.i just had a pot monkey.might means they wake you in the middle of the night.and you must have a cocknail of whatever is left.....!!!!!!!
Phantasm66 said:
[quote][i]Originally posted by Phantasm66 [/i][b]of course you should be happy.i just had a pot monkey.might means they wake you in the middle of the night.and you must have a cocknail of whatever is left.....!!!!!!! [/b][/quote] [COLOR=red][SIZE=4]pot monkey happy!!![/SIZE] [/COLOR]
Phantasm66 said:
[SIZE=4][COLOR=red]pot monkey blahahahahhahahahahahahaa :blow chunks: [/COLOR] [/SIZE]
RustyZip said:
[SIZE=4]HAPPY NEW YEAR[/SIZE] As Ozzy Osbourne said: "Another F***ing Year Over"
MrGaribaldi said:
[COLOR=royalblue][SIZE=4]HAPPY NEW YEAR[/SIZE] [/COLOR] A bit late, but :)
Didou said:
Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!I have decided that next year around the same time, I will not get too drunk ( at least I'll try, I swear ... ).It's kinda useless to pass out resolutions for the new year, drink like an alcoholic before midnight & forget everything the next day.;)
Arris said:
Happy New Yearwibble :giddy:
poertner_1274 said:
New Years (are) HappyI hate my dialup so I don't get on much while at my parents house, as it is slow and annoying. I'll be back full force on the 14th or so though.
LNCPapa said:
Happy new year all!My new years resolution:Get back on the ball with my certification exams - I've slacked off pretty badly.LNCPapa
Spliffmeister said:
OK, so I'm late. I've just woken from my drunken/drug induced coma that happens every year at about 2am on new years day....HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!Resolutions1. Drink2. Smoke3. Be merry :)
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