Mozilla announces winner of Firefox 4 home tab contest

By on March 3, 2010, 12:47 PM
Mozilla has announced the winner of a competition in which participants were asked to design a new home tab for Firefox 4.0. After two rounds of voting and nearly 3,000 votes, Mozilla has crowned Yatrik Solanki the victor.

Solanki describes his concept as "Identifies, a website launcher, browsing sessions, and a task-oriented ultrasmart search box define my concept. And it's cool!" If you're not sure what to make of that, check out this video after the break.

The design centers on four elements intended to give users a place to start, but not necessarily consume content. Among the features is search box with added functionality inspired by Ubiquity, and an Identities section with automatic logins to your favorite sites. More interestingly, once you've added sites, RSS notifications can be configured and synced across multiple platforms.

A sessions section could automatically open sites commonly browsed together, for instance, all of your favorite news sites could be saved as a single session. In addition to the sessions is a visual history which shows a browsing trail across time. Solanki says it is perfect for times when you can't remember how you wound up on a site, and it shows a thumbnailed timeline of your activity.

While none of those features are revolutionary per se, they would be great additions to the current Firefox home tab. There is no guarantee that Mozilla will use this design in Firefox 4.0 and the interface would likely be modified, but it at least offers a peek at what might be on the way.

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Guest said:

No address bar, great f***king idea!

Matthew Matthew, TechSpot Staff, said:

I believe it's only a home tab concept design and does not reflect Firefox 4.0's actual interface. In other words, you're looking at the wrong part of the picture .

Guest said:

Sorry, but this is channel 104 on directv for your home page.... No thanks

Guest said:

Sessions and speed dial have already been on Opera for a long time and the only difference is that they put sessions in the home page. Looks like most of the ideas where introduced in Opera then everyone then saw it useful and put it in theirs like tabs opera has had it since 2002 even firefox hasn't come out until 2004. The speed dial was also Opera's idea, Sessions and more(too much to mention).

Guest said:

I had problems hearing the commentators voice over the disturbing bakgroundnoice called music (?) so I just quit trying.

natefalk natefalk said:

Why not let us choose what we want on our homepage? I guess I'll just have to stick with iGoogle.

helobuff said:

But doesnt this just replicate whats available in your history file? I would like to have seem something innovative win..

levar said:

I hate the Speed Dail Bookmark Toolbar is just fine for me all I do is erase any words whenever I bookmark it and it just leaves the icon. Enough with the speed dail and I agree with the Guest Opera first came out with the Speed dail then IE well a Firefox did with an addon then I think Safari 4 did it aswell not sure then Chrome and Google that also improves the speed dail by installing there toolbar which is quite a nice speed dail but I like the concept never got a chance to vote seems I'm not quite a active concerning my favorite browser but it nice

matrix86 matrix86 said:

This is perfect...everything that I would actually end up using. I realize other browsers came out with a lot of ideas first...but does that really matter? I'm just glad to see them all on firefox (the only browser I use) in one place and right up front for easy access.

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