Weekend tech reading: Google prepping Facebook 'killer'?

By on June 27, 2010, 11:50 AM
Is Google about to launch a Facebook killer? Should we brace ourselves for another round of tech news headlines with the word "killer" in them? According to Digg founder Kevin Rose, Google is about to launch a social profile service called, aptly, "Google Me." Rose stated on Twitter earlier today that he heard a "huge rumor" from a "very credible source" that Google is about to unveil what is apparently a Facebook competitor, no other details forthcoming. SF Weekly

Microsoft by the numbers You probably saw the news this week that weve sold 150 million Windows 7 licenses in 8 months. That's more than 600,000 per day. And, perhaps fittingly for a product called Windows 7, it adds up to 7 copies every second of every day since launch. As a communications guy, Im generally most comfortable with words. But since Microsoft is a pretty numbers-driven company, the Windows 7 milestone got me thinking about some *other* numbers, too.The Official Microsoft Blog

Intel's bold bet against ARM: visionary or myopic? Today, Intel's x86 architecture reigns supreme on PCs (and millions of servers, such as Google's, that use the PC organ bank). Anywhere else, the ARM processors have won; they're in billions of devices, regular cell phones, smartphones, entertainment devices, navigation systems and legions of other embedded applications. Monday Note

Internet speed test: The fastest ISPs in the U.S. 2010 Fifteen years after Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer to compete with Netscape Navigator, there are still browser wars going on, as Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Apple, and others compete to create the software that loads Web pages the fastest. But the number one factor in page load speed (or any kind of download) isn't your browser. It's your Internet service provider (ISP). PC Magazine

Steve Jobs on iPhone 4 signal issue: 'Stay tuned.' One MacRumors reader emailed Steve Jobs in a followup about the widely publicized iPhone 4 signal issues that have been reported across the web. Steve Jobs reportedly replied immediately with: "There are no reception issues. Stay Tuned." MacRumors

EU secretly pushing to put kids in jail for sharing music: ACTA leak More leaks from behind the scenes at the secretive Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement negotiations: the EU is pushing for criminal sanctions for non-commercial copyright infringement. That means putting kids in jail for trading music with one another. BoingBoing

Police push to continue warrantless cell tracking A law requiring police to obtain a search warrant before tracking Americans' cell phones may imperil criminal investigations and endanger children's lives, a law enforcement representative told Congress this week. CNET

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mrtraver said:

I'm not generally a big fan of google, but i'll sign up if they will respect my privacy more than facebook! the trouble is getting all my friends to sign up, too...

princeton princeton said:

"EU secretly pushing to put kids in jail for sharing music."

I'm glad I had no respect for their government in the first place. That is some stupid ******* bullshit right there. Just ridiculous!

On another note.

"There are no reception issues" COUGH..bullshit..COUGH. Stay tuned for what? Do we get to learn who he blames if we stay tuned?

Darkshadoe Darkshadoe said:

The music industry as well as most other businesses thrive on the stupidity of its customers. Why the hell does anyone need to own thousands of songs, CDs, etc. If people would get out of this mindset that you just have to have the newest shiniest product on the market, companies would be forced to lower prices making them more affordable and the governments would not have to get involved. You aren't "sticking it to the man" when you download off the torrents. You are just giving companies excuses to whine and cry about losing profits whether they are actually doing so or not allowing them to rape the consumer for more money later.

There is a real simple solution: Just stop buying music for a while. Its not illegal and like I said, it forces companies to lower their prices. If you really need to listen to music, there is this invention that has been around awhile called radio.

"...But I can't listen to the song to the song I want, when I want if I listen to radio." My response to that is "suck it up and quit being a whiney consumer".

"...But if I listen to the radio, I will have no use for my expensive IPod". Guess what.. If Steve Jobs sees that Apple products aren't selling, he is going to have to lower the price on them. Now you have lower priced music AND music players.

If you guys want the government out of your business, do not give them reason to be there in the first place. Use a little common sense.

Docnoq said:

I love how Jobs can make a phone that isn't even able to get reception without buying an accessory (a case) and then claims it is working as intended. I have used many, many cellphones in my lifetime and not one of them had reception issues just because I was holding the thing.

Sure, you might be able to get great reception if you are Darth Vader (http://i.imgur.com/h9UDd.png), but for the rest of the world, there are clearly reception issues.

hellokitty[hk] hellokitty[hk], I'm a TechSpot Evangelist, said:

What happend to buzz?

Oh yeah, no one noticed, nor cared.

matrix86 matrix86 said:

"There are no reception issues. Stay Tuned."

So let me get this right...there are no reception issues despite everyone saying there is, and you want us to stay tuned for some secret...thing? [sarcasm]Ok...this makes TOTAL sense[/sarcasm]

Why do people continue to worship this *****? You can like a product without worshiping it's leader (I LOVE Microsoft but think Ballmer is a complete and total *****). If only Jobs would act like a leader and take the blame when he screws up. I would actually have respect for him, then.

matrix86 matrix86 said:

hellokitty[hk] said:

What happend to buzz?

Oh yeah, no one noticed, nor cared.

Ha ha. I didn't start using Buzz until my vacation. It was cool seeing what other travelers where saying. And sometimes people were pretty close and let behind buzzes about how to get around some of the road work/traffic jams. Other than that, I don't know many people who use it. Maybe a handful in the city i'm in.

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