BlindType brings software keyboards to the next level

By on July 23, 2010, 5:05 PM
Futurists will tell you the hardware keyboard has its days numbered, and although descendants of IBM's Model M are still the most popular choice for alphanumeric input, software implementations are slowly phasing in but they're not perfect yet. On-screen keyboards lack the touch sensitivity of a physical keyboard and the human fingertip is generally larger than keys on a smartphone, making it difficult to type accurately.

Developers use various methods to counteract these limitations, but even the best examples can still leave your words jumbled and the folks behind a new system are tired of reading your incoherent messages. BlindType pledges to eliminate touch-typing frustrations by correcting sloppy typing. Here's a video demonstration of the software in action:

In addition to fixing wildly mistyped words, BlindType can adjust to a user's "perceived" keyboard and typing style. Users can input text without a keyboard (or blindly hence the name), and the software scales accordingly. BlindType is being made for both the iPhone and Android, but Apple will surely resist replacing its own keyboard.

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Decimae said:

Seems like swype; only worse since you can't swype but have to type every letter, but you're able to hide the keyboard which seems quite pointless.

Wendig0 Wendig0, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Haters gonna hate, right Decimae? This seems like a very cool typing engine to use. I'm interested in seeing how other users rate it.

Matthew Matthew, TechSpot Staff, said:

A couple of us happen to think it looks promising too.

Guest said:

i think its a great idea. the keyboard on my iphone uses a lot of screen real estate, typing with no keyboard would be sweet.

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Yeah I have to admit, this does look really cool! and as guest said, the keyboard on the iphone does take up a lot of screen, now you can litterally type blind!

Decimae said:

Wendig0 said:

Haters gonna hate, right Decimae? This seems like a very cool typing engine to use. I'm interested in seeing how other users rate it.

Not such a hater normally; I just don't see that added value over swype. It looks promising if you don't have swype; otherwise swype seems a lot better from what I've heard.

But well, I'm not a smartphone user yet, so I wouldn't know.

cardriverx said:

It seems like you have to know the keyboard layout well for this to work (it seems thats how it tells what you are typing)... looks promising but ill reserve judgement till I can try it.

Guest said:

Seems pretty slick. Make one for the PC too :)

ElShotte ElShotte said:

It does indeed look promising. The great thing is that the keyboard is still QWERTY which means that most of us long time PC users will infact know where all the letters are by now, it's just a question of how well BlindType will adapt to that.

Guest said:

@Decimae -- I've use swype before, and allow me to say that it is nothing special, and only slowed me down more than anything. Sure, it is interesting to use, and innovative as well, but it just didn't go over well. Dragging your fingers around on a non-capacative touch screen is tough enough, and using dragging for typing only made it worse.

BlindType, simply put, is something that I cannot wait to try!

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