Apple hosting 'Back to the Mac' event next week

By on October 14, 2010, 7:59 AM
Apple has just sent out invitations for a Mac-themed event scheduled to take place next week, on October 20. The invitation -- which you can see below – depicts a touchpad-like shape with an Apple logo cut out at the center and a lion peeking out from behind. And just in case you are unaware of Apple’s history of using big-cat names for its OS updates, the company explicitly tells press members to come take a "sneak peek of the next major version of Mac OS X."

Distributions of Mac OS X 10.7 have been making the rounds inside Apple under the internal code-name "Barolo" since early 2010, according to Apple Insider, and we’ve been seeing it in our own server logs for a while too. If previous OS X-centric events are any indication, company executives will likely talk up OS X 10.7's new features, demo a few of them for attendees, and then announce a shipping date for sometime in late 2010 or early 2011. We’re not sure what to expect in terms of new features, but better integration between OS X and iOS and a continued focus on implementing multi-touch within its operating system are a couple of possibilities driving much speculation.

Apple's iLife and iWork suites of lifestyle applications and productivity software are also supposedly due for a revamp, while on the hardware side there are rumors of a new MacBook Air and some minor updates to the MacBook line.

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captaincranky captaincranky, TechSpot Addict, said:

There are only about 36 species of cats in the world. The majority of these are either small, or not particularly well known. Point being, I'm hoping that Apple will run out of big cat names fairly quickly, and have the good taste to shut up. That said, it doesn't seem very likely that they will.

Meanwhile, I'm going to sit here and wait for them to use something like, "Fishing Cat" (Prionailurus viverrinus), Palla's Cat (Otocolobus manul), or maybe, "Margay" (Leopardus wiedii).

Or perhaps, "Ocelot" (Leopardus pardalis). This would suit Steve Jobs to a tee. He could walk it on a rhinestone leash, like the vain, narcissistic, Hollywood starlet that he is.

Hey wait, That would be a great name for OS XI, "Narcissis"

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I have to admit, Very well said Captin

Guest said:


Nice one Captain.

Guest said:

Geez, you're such a badass, Captain. Your wit astounds me.

lawfer, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I applaud you, Captain, I applaud you.

mario mario, Ex-TS Developer, said:

Be thankful for Steve Jobs:

captaincranky captaincranky, TechSpot Addict, said:

Be thankful for Steve Jobs:
I am, much in the same way that Jay Leno was thankful for George W. Bush.

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