50Mbps broadband certified on Boeing business jet

By on October 22, 2010, 4:38 PM
Boeing has become the first airplane manufacturer to put a 50Mbps broadband connection, about 100 times faster than most competing in-flight WiFi options, on a plane. The company announced the first certification and installation of Panasonic Avionics' eXConnect in-flight Internet service in one of its planes. The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 737 aircraft will initially be used by Panasonic itself for ongoing testing, validation, and live demonstrations.

Panasonic's system consists of a fuselage-mounted antenna that communicates with a network of satellites, allowing it to provide higher data rates than tail-mounted antennas traditionally used on business aircrafts. The BBJ is ideally suited for carrying a larger antenna than traditional sized business jets so global coverage is possible. Unfortunately, there's still no word on any further expansion to commercial aircrafts, though if it's possible on the 737, it's possible on the 747.

"The eXConnect system installed on the Boeing 737 continues to exceed our expectations, and we are very excited to show customers, OEMs and other groups the true broadband experience made possible by our Ku solution," Paul Margis, CEO of Panasonic Avionics Corporation, said in a statement. "Panasonic's new high-speed data system opens up a new capability to our customers that will help satisfy the growing need for passengers to be connected all the time, including in the air," Boeing Business Jets president Steve Taylor, said in a separate statement.

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posermobile89 said:

Jees, I wish I had 50 Mbps in my house, and a damn jet gets it? sigh...

Leeky Leeky said:

I thought it was a bit much having it in my house, but on a plane... That's mad!

Relic Relic, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Me too, I probably wont see speeds like that till 2020 lol.

Leeky Leeky said:

There's talk of my ISP releasing 100mb in the near future.. I've already enquired as to a price!

I really don't need 50mb, but it's just so quick at downloading stuff, and I'm impatient when it comes to downloads...

motrin said:

I'M going to travel alot more.. now !

Lokalaskurar Lokalaskurar said:

50 Mbit/s WiFi is pretty radical. Image it being used on a 747; a really big load on the computer-system. We might see server-technichians among the flight crew in the future .

LinkedKube LinkedKube, TechSpot Project Baby, said:

50 Mbit/s WiFi is pretty radical. Image it being used on a 747; a really big load on the computer-system. We might see server-technichians among the flight crew in the future .

No, flight attendants will just get an added course on how to press the reset button on the router.

Phraun said:

I have TEN mbps in my house T_T

subglo said:

50Mbps on a jet is pretty '' WOW'' to me, because it's still a dream for me to get so fast network, in my my country Latvia in the capital city Riga you can get even up to 1 gig optical network, but i live a bit further..... so yea...

jizzyburnizzy said:

sounds very cool but seems so unneccesary

Faller said:

And I'm stuck with 8 for 50 bucks a month.

jazboy said:

50 MBps in plane.. that is really cool .. hey wait what is cost going to be for that.. i guess it will be very costly as I am paying 50 bugs for 6 Mbps and that is not even in plane.

ruzveh said:

Sounds good but generally the they avoid us to use any electronic device in the airplane as it may disturb the or mix with the vibration of their gps systems. So will it help us?

princeton princeton said:

That's quite impressive.

oasis789 said:

this is pretty interesting, since they couldve offered a wired solution with ethernet ports in every seat instead. its a good development

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