TechSpot Giveaway: 27-inch monitor, iPad, GTX 460??

By on October 25, 2010, 5:49 AM
The holidays are almost here, so we better start giving away some stuff to our loyal readers, don't you agree? Rules for entering the contest are after the jump. We'll be polling you to choose among the main prize options: a 27" monitor, an Apple iPad, a laptop/netbook, 2TB external HDD, CPU/Mobo/Memory combo, GeForce GTX 460, 128GB SSD, a deluxe PC case. So what's your favorite?

What you need to know...

I was in the middle of putting together one of our TechSpot Weekly site updates when it hit me... it's about time we open a new giveaway, our readers deserve it. So scratch that site update until next Monday and let's see what this new contest is all about. Rules for entering the contest are after the jump. What you need to know for now is that we'll be polling you to choose the big prize. If you have been reading TechSpot for some time then you will be familiar with the basic rules of the contest.

Vote on the poll and comment in this entry to enter the drawing while choosing among the prize options: a 27-inch monitor, an Apple iPad, a budget laptop or netbook, 2TB external hard drive, CPU/mobo/memory combo, GeForce GTX 460, 128GB solid state drive, a deluxe computer case. So what's your favorite?

The contest will run for three weeks until November 14, 2010. In addition to the main prize as decided by yourselves, we have a GeForce GTS 450 graphics card that will be thrown in two weeks into the contest to a random participant.

What it takes to win

  • First vote on the poll and leave a comment below stating your choice to let us know you want to join the contest. But that's not all, keep reading...
  • Become an active participant in TechSpot's news comments starting today and until Sunday, November 14th -- roughly three weeks from now.
  • For every comment you make you get an extra chance to win. For example, if you've posted 20 times during the contest, you get 20 chances.
  • To make this a sane competition we will cap the number of max comments during the giveaway to 50 total (less than 3 posts per day, on average).
  • Quantity is important but QUALITY will be taken under serious consideration.
  • If a participant posts nonsense recurrently we will automatically remove him from the giveaway without notification.
  • TechSpot staff members will monitor and join the conversations whenever possible. Our usernames are highlighted in blue.

Other rules and regulations

  • We will randomly select two (2) winners using weights depending on the number of comments posted during the giveaway time frame (per the rules above).
  • The first random winner will get a GeForce GTS 450 graphics card during the second week of the contest. The second and main prize will be selected from the contest poll, though we will be flexible if the selected winner prefers to change his prize for something of equal value.
  • Participation is NOT limited by any geographic boundaries. Prizes will be shipped from the United States or other nearby location depending on the winner's location. TechSpot will cover shipping costs but under no circumstances we will be held responsible for any kind of customs import taxes or additional fees incurred in the process.
  • Prizes may not be off-the-shelf items. We often get manufacturer's permission to give away review samples that are practically new.
  • The winners will be notified via email. Only TechSpot community members can participate as we will use your account's email for notification purposes. As always, you can register here free of charge.
  • Once selected, the winner will be notified via email and have 3 days to respond and accept the prize. It will also be announced at this location. If we don't receive a response by the fourth day a new winner will be selected in his/her place.

Good luck everyone!

Vote in the poll, then comment...

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LinkedKube LinkedKube, TechSpot Project Baby, said:

I voted for the ssd. Would be a good addition for a stand alone os solution.

Fada said:

27" monitor for sure! voted.

topcoach said:

I would like to have an iPad for reading news and books.

levar said:

CPU/mobo/memory combo got my vote! I'm sure a lot of us could use a new system, including myself. Sign me up for contest!

Alster37 Alster37 said:

I'll join this contest.

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I voted for the SSD drive, mainly because I'd love to slash my boot times

Thanks Julio, whether I win or not, it really doesn't matter; just keep it up. Regards

inesita said:

I have voted for the ipad, it would be a dream come true if i win one :D

adelinolobao said:

My precious ipad, me wants, me needs.

princeton princeton said:

Voted for an ipad. I figured it would make a great coffee table.


wfdavis87 said:

I voted for the Geforce GTX 460 for the new coming next month Call of Duty- Black Ops,

vipervoid1 said:

1000% want a SSD..

dotGore said:

I hope I win :S

princeton princeton said:

dotgore said:

I hope I win :S

Don't we all?

starfreezer said:

Sign me up! I could really use a new CPU, motherboard and RAM, so it got my vote.

nickblame said:

that 460 has my name on it!

grvalderrama said:

I'll join the contest. I voted for the SSD. That aside, you may find a few mistakes in my comments, considering that it's not my original language. And sometimes it gets really hard to express what I'm actually thinking (sometimes, my comments won't even have a proper meaning =S). But I will sure do my best! Thanks!

ucould2 ucould2 said:

Postulating about buying a cheap Chinese hand-held device (portability) or a Netbook (easier to type stylus free) - does it come with USB 3.0?

Decimae said:

I voted CPU/RAM/Mobo, since an athlon 64 x2 with a cheap mobo aren't going to do me much good. However, I'm totally fine with receiving the other prices (:P).

blimp01 said:

CPU for sure, haha my old 775 setup is slowly dying

bugejakurt said:

Sign me in! and Thanks Techspot!

gruesomeA said:

27" monitor FTW. Love all the giveaways TechSpot does too. Keep up the great work

Arris Arris said:

I've voted monitor because size is important *ahem*

But for me cpu+mobo would probably be the best prize I could win, finally upgrade my old C2Q 6600

zogo said:

I could realy use an upgrade to my system. Definitely cpu/mobo/memory has my vote!

St1ckM4n St1ckM4n said:

Voted for monitor, only because it's so freaking hard (or expensive via Dell) to get bigger than 24 inch and 1080p.

I think this is second or third competition I've seen here, but first I've joined. Nice one TS.

customcarvin customcarvin said:

Count me in for this contest please!

I'm hoping for the CPU/mobo/memory combo. I'm running one of the first 939 Athlon x2 procs (3800+) that AMD made, with an Abit Av8 mobo, and DDR-400 memory... boo! I'm in definite need of an upgrade!! Oh, and my GPU is a Radeon AGP 9600xt :-( rig is fine for surfing the net, but forget about an modern gaming!

Thank you!

subglo said:

I voted too. The 27- inch monitor looks nice. This is the first time when i enter in this kind of giveaway. :)

I wish myself and others a big luck! :)

Punkid said:

cpu/mem/mobo stuck with a core 2 duo e4600 and dont have any money to upgrade in

SEverard said:

I voted for the Geforce GTX 460. I'm building a custom PC in my workshop for myself for gaming and have made a list of my specifications and this is the graphics card I chose. It would be awesome to get it.

kaonis92 said:

Thank you for the giveaway, please sing me up.

I'd prefer the cpu/mobo/memory combo.

pheonixnexus said:

CPU/mobo/memory combo please!! i hope i can write my comments without rewriting them a thousand times and then forgetting to post them.

edison5do said:

CPU/mobo/memory combo

Thats the one Im really Needing.... Im In!!

Uvindu said:

I voted for the iPad. I live in Botswana and they haven't released it here yet. Some people do get it through grey importers but it costs a lot. I really like portable technology as it allows me to work and play on the road. I travel often during the weekend with my parents to visit my grandparents and the drive is quite monotonous.

I have never owned a tablet, but I think it should be great. I can't afford to buy apple products (even if it were available) here where I live as it is always beyond the budget my parents give me. I have a sylvania 7-in netbook, but it's performance is sad :<. I have read and seen so much about the iPad that I really wish I had it. One person at our school had bought one when he went on holiday to USA, and now he is like *GOD*. I really likethe idea on which the iPad is based on.

I was also thinking about voting for the monitor. I really need to upgrade my samsung 920nw as it is getting old and and it only accepts D-Sub (the usually blue plug, I think it is also called VGA/RGB) connection. My graphics card supports HDMI but my monitor doesn't. It is an nVidia GF GT210, and it lets me play NFS Shift and some other games at low-medium settings with playable framerates. THe 27-inch would be great for watching movies. The reason I didn't choose it is because, it is something that is available here and I know that I might be able to eventually get it, but the iPad is not so likely.

I really really want this iPad but I don't usually have luck to win stuff for free. I have never in my life won something "for free". May the force be with me...

kupang said:

definitely go for CPU/mobo/memory combo ..

would be great for my new rig .. ;)

Serag said:

I'd love a new cpu/mobo/memory and build a new system, mine is getting too old..sign me up!

Malner said:

Definitely monitor. Other prizer are also compelling and I could use any of them.

fimbles fimbles said:

Shiny graphics card would be nice

scout2of3 said:

I picked the Budget laptop or netbook. It would be for my wife as she is always sharing her PC with her kids and she needs something of her own.

boykov said:

CPU/mobo/memory - Graphics Card seems easier to fit with the family budget for the holiday season

27" - soo tempting...

Vrmithrax Vrmithrax, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Yah, I ended up having to flip a coin between the cpu/mobo/memory and SSD, with the SSD winning... Building a new Win7 computer this winter anyhow, so either of those 2 options would be a great.

AbsolutGaloot said:

It seems that the budget netbook isn't as popular as I had hoped, but I can keep my fingers crossed. My poor netbook has certainly seen better days.

college spook said:

I voted for the Ipad because it is totally unlike anything that I already have.

Johny47 said:

I voted for the CPU/Motherboard/Memory combo because I 'worke4d it out' that the Core i7 alone is about the same value or more than any of the other prizes... and you win a motherboard and memory supporting that CPU? if so that's brilliant.

And I've been wanting to build a intel based gaming PC since I finished my AMD one but I just haven't saved the money to do it yet(buying games etc =P) winning these components will be a great 'head start' to that PC build =)

grimm808 said:

I voted for the Monitor, my current monitor is showing it's age.

miggypublic said:

count me in!, i've chosen the ipad.

nigel said:

Chose netbook so family could have additional internet access

xcelofjkl said:

i dont think anyone can beat a brand new spanking 27" LG monitor. We look at the monitor DAILY, and our eyes will certainly thank us for having a nice monitor. peace!

FLHR said:

Love the great prizes they are all great and anyone of them would be super.

count me in on the 27" monitor.

Mydnight said:

I've been wanting to upgrade my video card to a GTX 460, so that's where my vote went

Ranger12 Ranger12 said:

levar said:

CPU/mobo/memory combo got my vote! I'm sure a lot of us could use a new system, including myself. Sign me up for contest!

def could use a new system. Sign me up.

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