PlayStation Phone specs and images leaked

By on October 27, 2010, 12:16 AM
Details on the rumored PlayStation Phone have finally leaked, courtesy of Engadget (Gallery 1, Gallery 2). The device will be heading to the market soon, possibly with Android 3.0 (codenamed Gingerbread). If it indeed ships with Gingerbread, it could be out in time for the holidays, but that's pushing it. Engineers will only be getting the first Android 3.0 tablets in December, but then again this is a phone. Either way, Google has yet to share any release timeline details for upcoming versions of Android (such as 2.3) but it won't be long now.

The OS aside, the PlayStation Phone will come with a custom Sony Marketplace for purchasing and downloading games designed for the new platform. The device itself sports a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and a screen ranging from 3.7 to 4.1 inches. The handset also includes a long touchpad in the center which is apparently multitouch, as well as familiar PlayStation shoulder buttons. There's no Sony Memory Stick slot, but there is support for microSD cards.

The model pictured above is still in prototyping mode. Thus, there isn't a custom skin and the software is still rather buggy. In any case, a 2010 release is possible but 2011 is looking much more realistic. Can Sony Ericsson make the former possible or will it have to settle for the latter?

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crazyboy88 said:

I might actually buy this

UT66 said:

looks legit, and completely unoriginal, they didn't learn a single thing from the DS.

treeski treeski said:

I can't imagine downloading this, but I could see a huge market for it.

I'm sure this would be a big hit.

Rage_3K_Moiz Rage_3K_Moiz, Sith Lord, said:

This'd be something I'd buy, but I imagine battery life would be abysmal, unless the battery's fairly large, which (along with the extra hardware required for the buttons et al) would make it weigh a lot more than a typical phone. If Sony can get around this, it'd make for a pretty awesome phone to have.

Let's also hope they don't go "iPhone 4" on us and put the antenna in a stupid place just to make it look cool.

Recipe7 Recipe7 said:

That looks really hideous, but I know some people will dig the original 'PS' look.

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

IMO key is to focus on delivering something which gives the best experience to their target audience instead of being jack of all trades and good at nothing.

hassaan said:

I remember a few years ago there was talk of the patents that Sony had made about a "Playstation phone" and... well here it is! This is very exciting and the phone looks good. The choice of touchpads instead of analog sticks is interesting. It could work, but odd since we know they are capable of thin nubs for sliders on PSP Go.

nickblame said:

somehow i don't see this succeeding. I could be wrong but look at nintendo, every handheld is popular and it only plays games.

vangrat said:

I have been watching this since it was first hinted at. This is my dream phone. Android apps and PSP games....I'm grinning just from thinking about it. If it is the PSP Go with android...then there really is no need to worry about whether it will be a good device. These are two items that are already prooven.

Its as if MS went open source and stopped being assholes.

crzydave said:

I don't even!?! Is this supposed to make up for the pspGo? Last time i remember someone trying to put a hand held into a phone the N-Gage is what happened...

bioflex said:

this looks okay....but how can this phone stack up to games on the psp?...if it cant then i dont see any reason why you shoudnt get a phone and a better handheld gaming set over this.

SilverCider said:

It looks a lot like one of sony ericssons previous phones, the vivaz pro! But of course with the PS pad instead of qwerty a keyboard.

alexandrionel said:

I predict this will be as succesful as Microsoft Kin one and two. It is designed for youths and it is fugly.

Probably will also be very expensive which again...will help it have the faith of Kin.

rizalp said:

crzydave said:

I don't even!?! Is this supposed to make up for the pspGo? Last time i remember someone trying to put a hand held into a phone the N-Gage is what happened...

Sony definitely need to learn about what happened to N-Gage..

Personally, i think the idea to merge phone and a handheld game is a good idea, only if they merge social aspect into it.

fritz123 said:

looks bad right now. i hope they put more effort to the design.

im guessing one big problem for that will be the battery since your gonna use it for a phone AND a psp. but games would be awesome thought. having a PSP Android phone would be awesome. just gonna have to get over the design. ughh. might buy one though

rebelinhyd said:

This is something a lot of people would want but i doubt it'd be as big a success as say the iphone..the main issue with a phone like this would be the battery life considering gaming would be the top priority and it does drain batteries and then u wont have a phone to use.but interesting nevertheless.

omega00 said:

Hey, it's a Playstation and a phone. What more can a guy want from a phone? It isn't particularly pretty, but it's only a prototype. For a weird reason, I want a phone that can also be used as a taser. That would be neat!

eeprom said:

yes, i'm saving my salary for this

Skyphox said:

Android AND PSP games... sold!

grimm808 said:

Hmmmm... Those controls look a little flimzy, I wonder how smooth playing games on it will be? Kind of reminds me of PSP go.

Lurker101 said:

Is this gonna be another overly expensive flop with hidden rootkits?

Benny26 Benny26, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Who said "never mix business and pleasure"

I'll be surprised if this fully hits...I myself am of the "Playstation generation"...but this, Nah, not my bag.

kaonis92 said:

It will be like an iPhone with controller buttons!

Alster37 Alster37 said:

So its a playstation 'phone' but it doesn't do any of the things phones do? If they can get the unreal engine 3 on this beast like they have done with the iphone,touch,and ipad then this will definitely go on my list.

Brodieeee said:

If I can get Crash Bandicoot for it then i'll get it

JMMD JMMD, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I can't imagine this being very successful. Seems like a product that will have a very short lifespan.

princeton princeton said:

Slap kin on the picture and you're an official physic. This is going to flop big time.

Afroaggie said:

If it turns out looking like that prototype then they might have some problems. The mere size of the thing is just enough to turn me away personally, and I figured that I would be in it's demographic being that I am a college student and all.

Uvindu said:

I think that the concept is quite exciting. A mobile phone which was made with mainly gaming in mind. But if it is to do both, then it will have to have a big battery to support being connected and playing games at the same time. The design could use a bit more colour. The greyness can be improved. I'm not sure how well the touchpad will work as it might get sort of slippery. This is something which I think should be carried by a lot of mobile uses. It beats having two devices for playing and for calling. I hope this catches on...

SStriker said:

Not a big fan of the PSPgo.... Putting it together on a phone - meh, looks the same to me.

With that said - This could be a Hit...

Vrmithrax Vrmithrax, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Interesting concept, in theory. At least it will have a large library of titles to hold it up in the market, unlike the N-Gage... Or will it?

Looking through specs here and different sites reporting on it, there is that center multitouch area, but I (and many others) have a hard time seeing that as a replacement for the analog stick on a PSP. I'm sure it can work as 1 (or even 2) analog sticks, but there is no tactile feedback to let the player know where they have a touch-based "virtual stick" positioned. So, even if they wanted to directly port all of the current PSP games to something this unit can run, it may be a playability nightmare.

Think I'll just stick with my old PSP and Droid 2 for now.

brianmsu said:

does this have a touch screen? im assuming so, how do you do phone things like... dial numbers and text

j05hh j05hh said:

Any info on what phone network this will be on? version? sprint? at&t?

Davidoff Davidoff said:

thats just hideous

co1rpal1 said:

But is it gonna be able to play current PSP games? or is it download only.....swoot

Zoner1501 Zoner1501 said:

The processor will be outdated by the time this comes out, really could use a dual processor instead

Wagan8r Wagan8r said:

It's a PSP Go Mini!

Johny47 said:

brodieeee said:

If I can get Crash Bandicoot for it then i'll get it

Hahahaha =P I love those games for the first Playstation aswell. I'd love it if this had 2 decent(have rubber on them) analog sticks so we could play 3rd person and maybe first person shooter games on it just like the PS2 can.

Also like someone else mentioned I really hope this doesn't have the same... fate as the N Gage =/

Yoda8232 said:

If there is good games, good expandability (SD slot MUST), some type of dual joysticks or touch-sticks as it seems. Price must be good also, apps also. Don't flop Sony you have the potential of all your PlayStation gamers behind you, don't make them get a iPhone.

frodough said:

literally a PSP Go w/ phone capability! wow what a bright new idea /s i smell this ages ago except i wished MS would do the same to their Zune HD!

samironsy said:

v good can it win the iphone

customcarvin customcarvin said:

I'm kind of disappointed with the specs, I would expect more from a gaming phone... dual core anyone? I don't know about the specific capabilities of this "Scorpion" proc, but if it's performance is only marginal compared to Qualcomm's current 1.0ghz SnapDragon flagship, then it's too bad they chose to go with this instead of the current Texas Instruments ARM flavor, which according to benchmarks, dominates the current SnapDragon in crunching power. Let's hope that they will at least have the latest PowerVR GPU installed in it, that is, if they go with PowerVR...

Also, 1gb of ROM, really? I know that since froyo hit the street you are now able to install to microSD, but who the hell wants to do that if you can run off of faster, more easily accessed memory? I mean the DroidX has 8gb, you would think Sony could have gone with at least half of that... So now the 16gb microSD card will need to store most of your apps, games, movies, pictures, music, and Sony exclusive games, that memory will be gone in no time! And, we know they won't be putting 32gb cards in these phones any time soon, they are still way to expensive to be cost effective, not to mention the higher density chips will be S..L..O.....W... I know they're trying to keep costs low here to make the device more affordable/make more profit, but these specs sound like previous gen stuff; shouldn't we be moving forward here?

dmoore44 said:

Is this an Android powered PSP Go?

I wonder what lessons Sony took from Nokia and the nGage..? For all the love I have for converged devices, high powered portable game system + phone doesn't strike me as one that's going to succeed - no matter who makes it.

Decimae said:

I like this, mainly because it'll bring more games to Android. Developers will likely not release a game on a single platform(the PS market), unless they get payed for it.

Also, @custom; the PSP has a 333mhz processor with 36 mb of ram and a GPU with 2 mbs of ram. Game consoles are not about the hardware, they're about the software.

cardriverx said:

The ability to play android and PSP games with a d pad and buttons would be great! Not sure how I feel about the touch pad sticks tho...

stensland said:

My main problem with this is that it's a slide phone. Slide phones always seem like a nice idea, but I have yet to have one that I has not broken (mainly the rails) or had the keys too close to the slide so my excessively manly fingers couldn't hit all the buttons along the top properly. When I say excessively manly, I mean short and stubby, same difference though. (stop judging me)

I am excited about the prospects of a PSP phone, but there is not really enough information out on it. Is there going to be the same UMD slots as the handheld PSP uses, or will they try and jip us and make it an online market only so they can sell more data plans at ridiculously jacked up prices.

I'm sure the PSP phone will do just fine, but it will never have the following the PSP did, purely because of the fact that it is a phone which requires monthly fees just to have. A novel idea, but I doubt it sells as well as they think. Android 3.0 would be great to have on it, which leaves a lot open for speculation on how well the marketplace will do on there, but still, it's just a higher end gaming handheld with a phone built in, no big deal.

motrin said:

the slide out looks ugly!

add a keyboard in between the controls that would be great.

Cryptopsy said:

Nothing new, could still be useful for some but PSP and Erickson individually was making it correctly...

Jetatt23 said:

I've been playing a playstation emulator on my Droid, but the games get pretty choppy. If this thing can efficiently run PS games, it is a definite must have for me.

Lokalaskurar Lokalaskurar said:

I bet atleast some TechSpot-members will understand what I mean by mentioning Atari Jaguar. Downloading games will hopefully work with the PSPhone just as good as with any phone-gaming. But the concept of downloading games full-exclusive have crashed more than once.

Providing that the PSPhone actually plays games and isn't just some large brand Sony put on this piece of equipment to sell it better. If this is the case, and the PSPhone fails to make up lost ground taken by Apple, Blackberry, Huawei, Samsung and all the others... there might be a slight chance that we do not see a PS4 any time soon...

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