Those of you born more than a couple of decades ago can probably remember a time when cell phones, personal computers, cable television, and other modern conveniences werenít something youíd take for granted or outright didnít even exist. Some say those were Ďsimplerí times, but as a technology lover I certainly wouldnít want to live without many of these things. Truth is, in most cases they also make life so much easier.

Digital video recorders, like TiVo, for example, changed the way a lot of people consume television programming and this continues to evolve with the proliferation of broadband connectivity and streaming content. Cell phones are much more than omnipresent communication devices -- which is already amazing by itself -- and now double as anything from real-time GPS navigation systems, to workout companions, gaming handhelds and much more.

Granted, some things are not particularly vital and others we may get just for bragging rights, but Iím sure most of you own at least a handful of gadgets that are part of your everyday lives. Having just moved to another country, I had to leave some things behind and my arsenal is rather limited at the moment -- itís mainly a unibody MacBook, which I dual boot between Windows 7 and Mac OS X, an iPhone 4, a flat-screen TV and a digital SLR camera. My laptop is due for an update soon, I plan to buy a speaker dock, and Iím still considering if I should get a tablet sometime next year (oh yeah, and probably a nice coffee maker). How about you? What are the gadgets you absolutely canít live without?