Weekend tech reading: 25% of PC users disable antivirus

By on December 19, 2010, 1:29 PM
Avira: 25% of PC users disable antivirus software A new survey from German antivirus and computer security firm Avira finds that about one in four PC users admit to turning off virus protection on their PCs because they thought the programs were slowing down their computers. Furthermore, more than three out of five (62.8 percent) have tried multiple computer security products in the span of a year on the same computer... Yahoo

Not really 'made in China' One widely touted solution for current U.S. economic woes is for America to come up with more of the high-tech gadgets that the rest of the world craves. Yet two academic researchers estimate that Apple Inc.'s iPhone—one of the best-selling U.S. technology products—actually added $1.9 billion to the U.S. trade deficit with China last year. WSJ

Google, CT headed for showdown over Street View As the hours tick away before the close of business today, it appears Google is not going to comply with a demand from the State of Connecticut for the data gathered through its Street View project. Google technically has until 5 p.m. ET today to turn over the payload data it says it inadvertently gathered, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. CNET

Leaving Mozilla, starting Massive Health Firefox is a project you never want to leave, and Mozilla is a company of which dreams are made. No matter where I travel in the world—from Rome to Tokyo—there are engaged Mozillian communities that immediately whirlwind me to a local pub to talk shop. I've been extremely lucky to participate in the world’s flagship open-source movement. Aza Raskin's blog

How to pronounce ASUS (video) A-suh-ss? Ah-sue-ss? As-ses? Nope, all wrong. We've been informed by ASUS that its head honcho has recently set a new rule in an attempt to rid our frustration, so what used to be "Ah-seuss" is now "A-seuss" (or "Eh-SUS" according to Taiwanese phonetics, as pictured). Engadget

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princeton princeton said:

I've been pronouncing it Eh-SUS since I first saw it. English diction laws show that it would be pronounced that way...

Also anyone who heard their ads when they used ASUSTEK pronounced it that way too.

KG363 KG363 said:

So I always said it right? YES!

treeski treeski said:

...more than three out of five (62.8 percent) have tried multiple computer security products in the span of a year on the same computer...

I hope not at the same time!!

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Up until Windows 7 I always turned off virus protection. It was more trouble than it was worth. But with MS's MSE doing a great job, I have it on all the time.

Sheesh...can't believe there was an actual discussion about how to pronounce ASUS. Seemed so obvious.

captaincranky captaincranky, TechSpot Addict, said:

[ No Subject ]

The other statistic is that 100% of the 25% seem to show up in our "Virus and Malware Removal" forum, after downloading as much as much free malware from P2P sites as they possibly can.

So why wouldn't you turn off your security software, it would only slow down these downloads. I'd like to be 3 inches longer, I'm going to kill AVG and click on this link. Hm, I'm also in the mood for some Oxycodone! Oh look, somebody Emailed me about where to get it.

Per Hansson Per Hansson, TS Server Guru, said:

Good to know I've always been pronouncing Asus correct then, but then again I'm from Sweden and we all know Swedes have the perfect pronunciation xD

Benny26 Benny26, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Well...It does slow down the computer, obviously.

I'de say some people must forget to turn them back on, cos i sometimes "pause" mine when i'm off the net.

As-ses?...Where did the "U" go?...Surly no ***** ever said it that way.


Yeah. Anti-virus on XP was a bloody nightmare for me...It's gotta be at least ten times more streamline with Win 7.

Relic Relic, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Good to know I've been pronouncing ASUS correctly over the years, "Ah-sue-ss" never sounded right to me. Wonder how many other tech companies out there have this issue.

captaincranky captaincranky, TechSpot Addict, said:

Ey Choo......sssss.. God Bless Me.....

Being from Philly, every "A" is spoken through the nose. Consequently, the correct pronunciation has been culturally bestowed upon me

yRaz yRaz said:

1) I'm glad I have always said Asus the right way

2) that 'made in china' thing really pisses me off

3) I ALWAYS run AV and firewall. I use Avast. It is low profile and doesn't take up a lot of resources. I also find that it catches almost everything, even the free version works great. when I test someones computer I use avast home, norton security check and AVG. AVG isn't what it use to be. I'm not sure how well Norton security scan works, but I don't like using just AVG to see if Avast misses anything. On top of Avast, I use flash block and java script blocker(there is also an add on for fire fox called 'blacksheep' that is worth looking into). I like to think of it as, "no matter what you do, you're always unprotected." People always find their way around things. There have been games that have been cracked before they were released. I do too many important things with my computer that I would take a risk like not using an AV. I have worked on so many peoples computers that simply running an AV would have prevented most if not all of their problems.

Even though I play it safe with my computer I will always feel like I am unprotected

Lokalaskurar Lokalaskurar said:

I've always pronounced it A-soos Tech (Tek). Phonometical laws in my mother's tounge depicts that kind of pronounciation! I wonder how it's pronounced in Taiwan?

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

The article about the trade deficit miscalculations is pretty interesting. Hopefully economists will try to modify these calculations to match the real world.

I've always pronounced Asus wrong and will continue to do so (perhapes except when I'm talking in English, but that's rare enough).

I've been running AV software regularly since it became free. I stopped using a firewall (except the Windows one) since I moved to Vista, though. Just too much hassle.

63Jax said:

never turn it off, if you have a good anti virus you don't have to

fpsgamerJR62 said:

Some AV programs do slow down Windows especially on low spec PCs like the ones running Celeron CPUs with 512 MB of RAM like the Compaq laptop that I'm using now. The solution is not turn off your anti-virus program but instead find one that has the lightest impact on system resources. For some reason, my laptop prefers Avast over MSE when it comes to running with the least impact on system performance.

p51d007 said:

Well gee, all people have to do is pay attention to that annoying tv ad "speedupmypc.com", and their computer would be many times faster than it is now, all for only 19.99 (you pay separate shipping and handling though).

Tanstar said:

Avast slowed my computer down, but Avira Free did not. I always run that and ZoneAlarm.

teklord teklord said:

Using Kaspersky and that runs efficiently so I leave it on. I used to turn off AVG free because of all the false positives and it was an all around PITA.

Guest said:

Asus,,,even funnier in french...can sound like "a suce" which can translate to "elle suce".

Well here in Quebec that is...LawL

Bluemagma said:

I turn off my antivirus all the time.. But the only thing I use my pc for is gaming... we use the laptop for browsing etc..

Benny26 Benny26, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Avast slowed my computer down, but Avira Free did not. I always run that and ZoneAlarm.

It's the exact opposite for me. Zonealarm was awful on my system.

It is funny how some AV's gel with only certain systems...

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