BioWare releases Dragon Age II demo

By on February 23, 2011, 2:58 PM
With Dragon Age II slated for a March 8 debut in North America, BioWare has decided to rev the hype engine a little by releasing a new playable demo. The sample is available on PC, Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3, and PC gamers can grab the installer from our download section. GameSpot has posted an interview and gameplay video with a Dragon Age II developer if you want to kill some time while the demo downloads.

The demo kicks off with the game's prologue and allows you to choose from three different character classes before throwing you into Kirkwall, a new key location in Dragon Age II. You'll experience the sequel's updated combat mechanics and graphics, and you'll learn more about the new main character, Hawke. To preview the game's romance system, BioWare has also included a potential love interest named Isabela.

Players who complete the demo will unlock a special weapon called Hayder's Razor, an ancient dwarven blade that increases health, mana and combat abilities in the full game. This offer expires on May 31. Preorders are open online and early customers will receive two exclusive in-game items, the Fadeshear Sword and the Lion of Orlais Shield. The sword sounds especially cool as it improves every time your character levels.

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LNCPapa LNCPapa said:

Downloading as we speak - can't wait for this one. Too bad it's happening so close to the release of RIFT.

Ithryl said:

Played it few hours ago. Liked the pace of the game and some of the new characters. Really looking forward to the full release. The demo takes an hour max.

be_patient said:

Played it through a couple times yesterday.

Looks really promising, can't wait to the visuals at full quality.

LNCPapa LNCPapa said:

Corrupt download after 1.2GB - time to start over.

Chazz said:

I'll download this right away. I liked the first one very much.

Rick Rick, TechSpot Staff, said:

The upgraded sword is a pretty cool idea. I can tell Bioware really wants people to try this out. :-)

TitoBXNY TitoBXNY said:

I played the demo as a warrior and rogue. The rogue was awesome. I have already pre-ordered and can't wait for release.

treetops treetops said:

I can't stand these go kill 5 wolves and report back to me games anymore.

treeski treeski said:

The first game was absolutely fantastic. I'm a little skepticle about all that I read about how the gameplay is quite different in the second game, but I'm excited all the same. I'll play through the demo when I get some time, and I'm sure I'll buy it when it goes on sale :P

treetops treetops said:

I'll give this demo a shot, my last attempt at these type of games .

Lurker101 said:

Please let this game have some form of anti-aliasing

Alster37 Alster37 said:

Downloaded, with a fast, consistent speed from tech spots servers,

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