PSN restart not allowed in Japan until Sony proves it's safe

By on May 16, 2011, 11:00 AM

Sony started to re-launch its PlayStation Network service over the weekend in the U.S. and other parts of the globe, following a three-week outage resulting from the hacking of the network by unknown individuals. Although the company didn't say when it expected to bring the service back to players in its home country or other Asian countries, today a Japanese government official has come forward and said it won't allow Sony to launch PlayStation Network within its borders until it proves that it has followed through with preventative measures against future attacks.

Speaking to Dow Jones Newswires yesterday, Kazushige Nobutani, Japan's director of media and content in the country's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, said that as of May 13 "Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1 press conference." He didn't comment on which measures were lacking, but it's certainly a blow to the company as it tries to convince people that it will be safe to use the network now.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kazuo Hirai offered a video statement announcing the restoration of PSN services, highlighting the increased security and offering an apology to users for the outage. The restoration of PSN service requires a firmware update on PS3 consoles (version 6.61), after which users will need to change their passwords.

Sony also recently disclosed how its users would be compensated for the recent outage, including gaming perks and free ID theft protection. Moving forward the company will focus its attention on finding those responsible for the security breach, responding to legal inquiries from governments around the world, and getting PSN approved in Japan.

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Trillionsin Trillionsin said:

I think the preventative measures will be shown when PSN doesnt go down again. If it goes down again then we'll know the hackers are still at work. No?

Guest said:

No, the network has been down because Sony has been investigating/implementing security measures - not because hackers have kept it down. And even if it had been down for so long because of hackers, what's to say they didn't just stop attacking at that time and Sony claimed it was "safe".

Rasta211 said:

I appreciate when these top dogs actually come out on camera and say what went wrong and how they are going to fix it. Did he even say he was "sorry" for your data loss?

Trillionsin Trillionsin said:

You said "no," assuming in response to my post... but then you said this (below) apparently you didnt understand what I meant. You agreed with me and should have said "yes."

Guest said:

And even if it had been down for so long because of hackers, what's to say they didn't just stop attacking at that time and Sony claimed it was "safe".

Anyways... I think I've seen enough PSN articles to last me the rest of the year. Hot topic though for techspot to get some visits.

rnldrc22 said:

I think somethings doesnt happen without meaning, this will serve to make psn stronger. And if its to make psn more secure, i agree they need to keep psn down as long as needed.

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