ATI Radeon 9800 review

By on March 6, 2003, 1:22 AM
[URL=]Anandtech has done a review[/URL] of ATI's next card, the 9800 Pro, gotta love this comment: [COLOR=royalblue]Were you left disappointed by the GeForce FX? ATI comes to the rescue with a true competitor to the Radeon 9700 Pro - the Radeon 9800 Pro... [/COLOR]

If you prefer, [H]ard|OCP [URL=]also has their review up[/URL], and [URL=]Nordichardware[/URL].

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Mictlantecuhtli said:
I don't know about Anandtech's ATI reviews, they have ATI ads all over the site..
Arris said:
omshardware has one up to[/URL]
MrGaribaldi said:
And Tom's are written by Lars Weinand from I wouldn't take that one too seriously either...[H]ard|OCP's review on the other hand should be quite good... Brent Justice is thorough and (mostly) objective...
iss said:
The reviews arent all that long but they coud be summed up in one short sentence."ATI spanks Nvidia, [b]AGAIN[/b]."
mjswooosh said:
Anand biased against nVIDIA? that's got to be a joke. Anand's site has been sucking nVIDIA's schlong for the past 2+ years without bothering to come up for air.
TS | Thomas said:
Have to admit, I am really liking my Radeon 9700 Pro. The Drivers aren't quite there is some respects though & anistropic filtering performance in direct3d seems a bit off (in the first round of testing I did anyway)
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