WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange to host new TV show

By on January 24, 2012, 5:30 PM

WikiLeaks has announced that founder Julian Assange will be hosting his own television show that features interviews with key political players from around the globe. The theme of the interview show is “the world tomorrow” and is scheduled to begin airing in mid-March.

Assange is planning 10 weekly half-hour episodes where he will explore what he says is the future of our world with political players, thinkers and revolutionaries. He hopes to examine his guests' philosophies and struggles in a deeper way than has been done before.

According to the press release, the program will be shown to over 600 million viewers across cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcast networks based on initial licensing commitments, although no specific networks or providers were listed. A list of planned guests hasn’t been announced as of writing, either.

Readers are encouraged to contact Quick Roll Productions regarding licensing the series in their region. Quick Roll Productions’ website is essentially contentless with only a simple mission statement and contact page. The Whois reveals that the site was created on January 8, 2012.

WikiLeaks as a whole has been under pressure lately as US financial institutions set blockades in place that severely limited their ability to survive. Such financial restrictions bring into question the feasibility of producing a television series altogether, not to mention the nonexistent track record of Quick Roll Productions.

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mevans336 mevans336 said:

I will tune OUT and boycott any advertisers.

He lost my respect when he leaked documents that put innocent soliders in harm's way.

Opus Opus said:

mevans336 said:

I will tune OUT and boycott any advertisers.

He lost my respect when he leaked documents that put innocent soliders in harm's way.

LOL@innocent soldiers

Guest said:

LOLx2@innocent soldiers

Mindwraith said:

LOLx3@innocent soldiers

unrealmp3 unrealmp3 said:

I was expecting a title like: the world behind the bars :P

dividebyzero dividebyzero, trainee n00b, said:

Julian Assange with....Quick Roll productions...this stuff practically writes itself.

An interview show?....5 will get you 10 that the format morphs into Julian starring in a version of the "The Batchelor"...or maybe "He Said, She Said" ( presumeably re-titled "är sover hon?" for the Swedish market)

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

The purpose and contents aside, many of those so-called 'innocent soldiers' has been involved in which can't be described otherwise but as 'war crimes' .... although usually such people end up in plea bargains serving minimum to no time etc.

captainawesome captainawesome said:


LOL@innocent soldiers

carlwh123 said:

Julian is far better a human being than most.

Tomorrow_Rains said:

LOL @ Innocent Soldiers


LOL @ America thinking their soldiers are innocent

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Julian is far better a human being than most.

Nice to see you made an account on TS Julian.

mattfrompa mattfrompa said:

innocent soldiers...the ones with guns who kill people? ohh, thaaat kind of "innocent".

LNCPapa LNCPapa said:

Wow... is that how you guys see the people who fight for our freedom? I'm not defending the soldiers who piss on dead bodies or anything like that, but those who are actually putting their lives at risk to give us what we all take for granted on a daily basis are heroes to me. You can't tell me that right after 9/11 you didn't have a burning desire to enlist right away. I thought about it daily and I'm proud of the people who actually acted on it.

Assange getting a show is a joke. It's almost like saying Anon should have an HBO special.

Guest said:

anon should have a special on HBO :D

Guest said:

Ya they were so innocent... the ratio between you, as in the people who tune out and the people who dont want this country to fall to $hit is by far, a large margin. have fun with your 25% of the world that will tune out, percentage may be incorrect but so is your point of view.

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