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Linux could have been brought down by backdoor found in widely used utility

Why it matters: By happenstance Microsoft researcher Andres Freund found malicious code that could break sshd authentication. If it hadn't been discovered it could have posed a grave threat to Linux. The open source community has reacted to the incident, acknowledging the fortuitous nature of the discovery and how it was fortunately caught early before it could pose a significant risk to the broader Linux community.
m3-based macbook air celsius macbook air overheating apple m3 with video

Unpatchable Apple Silicon vulnerability could leak encryption keys

In brief: Hardware-based security flaws have become more frequent over the last several years but have mostly affected Intel and AMD processors. Now, Apple joins those ranks with a recently discovered vulnerability that causes Mac M-series CPUs to expose encryption keys. Since it is hardware-based, there is little users can do besides keeping macOS updated.
hackers nfc hacking vulnerability hotel

Ethical hackers show how to open millions of hotel keycard locks

Any NFC-enabled Android phone could forge a master key for every room in a hotel
In a nutshell: Over three million hotel room locks in 13,000 buildings in 131 countries are vulnerable to an exploit that lets attackers forge master keys for any door. Although the manufacturer of the affected locks is rolling out a fix, it's unclear when or if every impacted hotel will upgrade its systems.
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