Corning and Samsung to jointly develop Lotus Glass for OLED devices

By on February 3, 2012, 12:30 PM

Corning and Samsung have announced a new partnership between the two companies that will see Corning’s Lotus Glass technology utilized in upcoming OLED products from Samsung. Lotus Glass is said to be somewhat similar to Gorilla Glass but delivers higher processing temperatures and improved dimensional stability.

First announced in October 2011, Corning’s Lotus Glass is designed to perform exceptionally well in low temperature manufacturing environments. This thermal consistency allows it to retain its shape and surface quality during high-temperature processing, guarding against thermal sag and warp which could ultimately ruin a display.

In addition to the thermal properties, Lotus Glass is said to consume less power while delivering superior picture quality. The press release didn’t specifically outline how the glass would enable less power consumption but we have an educated guess.

Most standard displays aren’t transparent – that is, the amount of light that exits the panel is less than what initially entered. Lotus Glass could be more transparent which allows for more light to pass through, ultimately meaning you don’t need to have the brightness set as high on the device to achieve the same level of brightness on a competing device. Less power of course means longer battery life.

Although we don’t have confirmation on this, it’s very possible that Samsung used Lotus Glass in their Smart Window demo at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung is planning to use Lotus Glass in a range of products from handheld and IT devices to large TVs and beyond. Samsung can additionally license the technology to other Korean manufacturers should they choose to do so.

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Guest said:

Samsung is really dominating every market as of recently. I like it.

Raswan Raswan said:

They're definitely making all the right moves. I've been a fan for a long time (my first tv was a 25-inch Samsung CRT for which I paid 200$ in 2000, and she still runs); let' s hope it doesn't go to their head too much.

Guest said:

They've probably got over their glee at selling that CRT by now ;)

thewind said:

I like LG better. I got a 55lg9500 that is 480hz and FULL LED backlit that puts any samsung to shame. If you looke at what people are saying about the two oled TV's shown at CES 2012 most if not all say that the LG TV looks better. Thats not to say Samsung is bad. Samsung is still a good company and they do get a lot of things right I just like LG better when it comes to HIGH end TV's. Wonder why Sony isn't getting into the oled market they seem like they just keep falling behind thats probablly why they lost so much money last year.

Guest said:

Why concentrating the lights on Apple & Steve Jobs and neglecting the mastermind behind the success of Samsung. I think what Samsung has done to humanity & technology-wise might be considered superior to Apple consedering the short period of time.

MrAnderson said:

This is cool. Go Samsung! I don't really own much of there stuff unless it is components from another company... but I do like to see companies making new tech. Making new tech is in the in the cleanest sense competitive. Move forward, stop biting others (with in reason of course).

Guest said:

thewind said: "I like LG better"

The same here. I was a fan of Samsung until I discovered LG.

Guest said:

LG monitors commonly problem is backlight bleeding. but i like the product pricing of LG they are much friendly to consumers

Samsung is Samsung !

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