Assassins Creed 3 debut trailer released, information leaked

By on March 5, 2012, 3:00 PM

Assassin's Creed 3 is on the way and to let us know, Ubisoft has graced us with a game trailer. A new 18th century backdrop will house the largest project in Ubisoft's history, touting a slew of changes and finer attention to details than ever before. Assassin's Creed 3 is currently expected to ship October 30 of this year.

Also just recently, a vast quantity of details about the upcoming title were leaked to Game Informer and over a dozen screenshots have been revealed at All Games Beta. 

This time, the story will center around a half English, half Native American Assassin named Ratohnhake (pronounced Ra-doon-ha-gay-doo). If you have trouble remembering that one, you may be relieved to know he also goes by Connor.

We now know that Assassin's Creed 3 takes place in American revolutionary war times. The "frontier" serves as the story's backdrop. Players will also get the chance to work with George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and General Charles Lee as the story unfolds. The world itself is said to be 50% larger than the one Assassin's Creed 2 took place in, featuring snowy winters, majestic mountain cliffs and beautiful woodlands.

In addition to a radically new setting, the new Anvil game engine promises technical superiority over previous iterations of the game. Anvil boasts "thousand man battles", highly detailed facial expressions and a completely redesigned animation system with no animations carried over from previous games. The engine will also provide greater realism -- soldiers will move more slowly in the fridgid cold while thick snow cover will cause them to move about more clumsily, for example.

Here is but a small sampling of what to expect. Follow the link below for an exhaustive list.

  • Combat is focused on putting you on the offensive and based on speed/momentum.
  • The main character has thousands of new and unique animations (no carry over from other titles) to support the new combat system.

  • The Frontier is not empty like in Assassin's Creed 1, but features a third of the game's missions and gameplay content.
  • You can hunt animals for resources, and how you kill them effects your reward. A one hit kill on a bear gets you a much more valuable pelt than stabbing it eight times.

  • The wilderness traversal plays a big part in the gameplay in the Frontier, allowing you to use trees, cliffs, ledges, and more to set up kills and combat.
  • The entire world will change with seasons, so the cities and the wilderness will all exist in both Summer and Winter settings.

  • There will be a goods based economy, a new property system, and more Desmond stuff.
  • They're not unveiling anything about the multiplayer yet.

  • There's no more target locking, it just automatically detects your target. Counter/defense are the same button to prevent turtling.
  • You can use human shields and other context sensitive moves.

  • They want you to constantly move in battle.
  • There are lots of secondary attacks like the one shot pistol on the Y button.


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Guest said:

AHHHHH!! There's always a USA in every game. Why do you have to do this!? Tell me this is not the continuation of Revelations. And tell me the character whose head is being sucked out is not Desmond.

Mindwraith said:

everything about this game has been 'leaked'. I say they're just releasing information and calling it leaks to promote interest in the game.

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Ubisoft needs the publicity, There DRM is a little to far so they're trying to pull in the crowds.

EEatGDL said:

Yeah, and now the assassins are supporting the independence of the 13 british colonies... sure... What next? Sheppard with a US flag in the background of the end of ME3? Give me a break.

Guest said:


It's not the USA if it's during the revolutionary war, silly

Guest said:


You kinda have a point there lol

Guest said:

Here's a thought for some of you complaining. If Desmond is an American guy and you play out his ancestors' past's in the animus, wouldn't you already expect that North America would play a part in the story? Stop complaining.

Guest said:

Best trailer ever...

Guest said:

Why are you all expecting this to be another flag-waving American game? Ubisoft Montreal are, funnily enough, not an American company. It's simply a setting. A bloody awesome one, at that.

The main character is English and Native-American. I highly doubt that the Americans will be shown in a completely positive light.

Guest said:

Definitely pre-ordering this game!

Guest said:

So true. And this goes out to the fist comment listed. The reason it's called Assassin's Creed 3 is that it's a continuation of Desmond's ancestral line by the way not a continuation of Revelations. Think about the title before posting up an idiotic comment about a great game of many... especially when it's the 5th game in the series and Ubisoft naming it AC3.

Guest said:

awful trailer, crap gfx, same old bullshit, why ubisoft is releasing another *** creed game, they should release another *** creed DLC, the games are all same, this one is going to be a huge fail, like revelations.

Guest said:

so desmond is syrian, italian, british and native american?

Guest said:

It's a new chapter in the series. Desmond is in it, but he goes back to this Connor guy to see information about the peice of eden in New York. And America has never been in this series besides now.

Guest said:

Gawdamit. I love this game, but really? REALLY? C'mon. They're just cranking them out at this point.

Guest said:

this is not even related to ezio at all..that's why it is called AC3.

Guest said:

they have totally ruined the game setting it in the Americas!!!.......... up-till now i've loved the series but this has left me absolutely devastated & tearful ;'(........

i will definitely not purchase this one!!! ,.l.. you ubisoft ..l., you.

Guest said:

this trailer looks sick. for all of those who are hating on the way the story is coming along, did you expect anything different? people in the days of the crusades and renaissance migrated everywhere... not to mention with desmond being american, it was bound to happen coming to america. please refrain from stupid comments about how being in america will ruin the game.. i believe it will actually enhance the story to a further point.

Guest said:

In case you guys didn't know New York City is in America... Desmond is in America... Eventually the game has to go to the Americas. I'm going to stop playing this game because it seems that the majority of people that play are mentally retarded

Guest said:

yeah, it should have eventually gone the direction of the Americas in the next five years or so...... right now there was much more exploring to do in Europe and else where...

Guest said:

Some people clearly know nothing of American history, all americans have mixed bloodlines so yes, Desmond is of arab iltalian british NA decent, not unreasonable. Why are people surprised it came to North America, the last game was set in 15th century? so obviously this was next. The revolution is a very interesting setting that im sure will be great. They arent "cranking them out" if the are completely using a new engine so get off it. It would be boring if the setting didnt change, if you kept killing politicians in europe? now the series can come to this side of the globe and perhaps the following game will go to south america? or WW2? Think about s*** before you post it

Guest said:

Fine. I shall refine my sentence. Why do every game I play always goes to the Americas? I really liked AC when it was just in Rome or Italy. Sighhhh. I do hope this comes out good. I mean watching the trailer just turns me off.

P.S. I do know my history. I was just on rage that I didn't know this was during the Revolutionary War.

Guest said:

"the games are all same, this one is going to be a huge fail, like revelations."

HA! You're funny. Revelations has sold at least 7 million copies as of February, and is Ubisoft's most successful game to date. And Ubisoft has been working on this for three years- they're really good at multitasking since they're such a large development team.

Also, for those of you complaining about 'more of the same', have you even watched the trailer?

Guest said:

Right...4 games took place outside the US and you ***** when they develop one in the BRITISH COLONY.

Guest said:

Most of the Founding Father's were known Freemasons. Why would an Assassin be helping them? Freemasons are Templars right? I could understand if Connor was just observing the British and Americans fighting and did his own thing. This right here is an example of how Ubisoft has lost itself in its own fiction. They really should have waited 2-3 years to make the installment. I hate yearly releases. If they really wanted to finish Ezio's life so bad, just release Brotherhood and Revelations as DLC for Assassins Creed II instead of standalone games, cause many can't afford to drop $60 every year. I'm still getting the game regardless but they better stop this yearly COD or sports game style crap.

jackal2687 said:

I think the haters are looking into this too much. It should go without saying that if you like the series, you couldn't get enough of these games. Saying it is terrible before you have merit to say so is the reason some great games get such low Metacritic scores. Just because you sit and home and play video games, doesn't mean I'm gonna listen to your opinions on which games are good. People get paid to make those decisions, even then I am unconvinced. MW3 was one of those games that people seem to have a problem with, yet is the most popular FPS in modern history (sales reports). Obviously if people are buying the game, then there is a crowd for it. Stop making yourselves look so dumb by attacking something that can really make it without you.

Guest said:

Ok to all of you that don't know, what the game makers wanted to do was just ac1, ac2, and ac3. But so many people got into ezio, they decided to continue his story. Now they've come outh with ac3 and some of you are complaining. They've worked on it since brotherhood released so give them some credit. If you're gonna complain, get into the gaming industry and see if you can come up with anything better

Guest said:

Why is everyone bitching and moaning about the setting? There have, so far, been four AC games: 1 set in Asia, 2 set in Europe, and 1 set astride those two continents. Why all the crying? I'm a little surprised at the setting myself (I thought the French Revolution provided an excellent conflict to mine and would have been a natural choice), but I'm optimistic about this game. Hell, they could still do the French Revolution, since it took place later.

Anyways, my point is that I can understand that a lot of western games (perhaps even most) are America-centric. However, that doesn't mean that this game should be lamented. This is a period of history that certainly changed the world, has a very rich cast of historical characters from which to draw, and political intrigue abounded in the years leading up to the American Revolution. Moreover, it's a period that hasn't really been explored, except for the vastly different experience of Empire: Total War. There's a lot of great possibilities, and it's already shaping up to sound like an incredible game. Give it a chance, and quit whining.

Guest said:

Actually. They've been working on this specific title for three years now. According to Ubisoft, it's the biggest project they've ever undertaken. It's not quite like the previous two AC's.

Guest said:

I've heard that the game will visit Boston and the woods around it (that still exist just south of it). I can't help wondering how close to reality they'll stick when it comes to terrain and street layout (Boston has remained relatively unchanged in the area around Faneuil Hall and the Waterfront since the revolution).

Also, I kinda hope they cover U.S.S. Constitution (aka: Old Iron Sides), since the ship still exists and is in excellent condition, they could have Desmond visit it because of one of Connor's memories.

Guest said:

AC 1: Started and finished Altair's story

AC 2: Started Ezio's story

AC 3: Started "Connor's" Story

Any one see the pattern?

They release a AC (number) every new character's story

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