Micron to volume produce DDR4 DRAM by the end of 2012

By on May 7, 2012, 12:30 PM

Micron has announced development of their first fully functional DDR4 DRAM module. The company has already started sending out samples to major vendors and will be applying feedback to use in a final product that is expect to ship in 2013.

DDR4 is highlighted by improved power savings and increased performance over its predecessor. Modules will only need 1.2v for operation with improved parity protection and error recovery expected as well. The memory manufacturer suspects that the enterprise and micro-server markets will be the first to take full advantage of DDR4 with ultrathins and tablet makers following soon after.

The initial DDR4 x8 offering is being co-developed by Nanya and uses Micron’s 30nm technology. This is the first part of an extensive portfolio of DDR4 products that is expected to include RDIMMs, LRDIMMs, 3DS, SODIMMs and UDIMMs (standard and ECC). Components in x8, x16 and x32 will additionally be available in speeds starting out at up to 2400 megatransfers per second (MT/s) and eventually moving up to JEDEC-set speeds of 3200 MT/s.

DDR3 was launched in 2007 after having been in development for nearly five years. The spec got off to a slow start but popularity eventually picked up as new platforms demanded DDR3. All modern PCs have now made the shift to DDR3.

Last month we reported that DDR4 wouldn’t show up in servers until early 2014 and wouldn’t reach desktops until at least 2015. The JEDEC spec is expected to be complete by mid-year and Micron plans to reach volume production in Q4 2012.

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bmaytum bmaytum said:

Anyone know if the new Intel Z77 (for 2nd gen Sandy Bridge and 3rd gen Ivy Bridge Core i3/5/7 CPUs), or other recent mobo chipsets, can support/ use DDR4 memory?

If not, what future chipsets will use DDR4, and when will those chipsets become available?

Guest said:

Well by what the article stated,DDR4 be out for desktop around 2015..So I would say nobody makes a mobo for ddr4 unless its for a server.That's suppose to be 2013 for servers.So no ddr4 for a few years..

Hope it gets as cheap as ddr3 is now. :D

Guest said:

Z77 chipset does not support ddr4 ONLY ddr3..

DKRON said:

that guy had no idea how to hold a ram stick, the gold bit is not to be touched

dividebyzero dividebyzero, trainee n00b, said:

that guy had no idea how to hold a ram stick, the gold bit is not to be touched

First off, I'm pretty certain the "guy" is a girl

Secondly "Asian girl holding hardware" suggests booth babe rather than tech engineer. Smiling and holding a RAM stick (ooh er) might be the extent of her multitasking capabilities- best not to overburden her with info about damaging gold plated contacts.

DKRON said:

good point, but as a long time tech, just makes me cringe when I see that lol

Guest said:

At last, this is good reason to replace my old giga x58 platform with new one...when its out of course(MB)

Arris Arris said:

good point, but as a long time tech, just makes me cringe when I see that lol

Do the 'golden fingers' contacts actually wrap around the bottom edge of a memory module?

Of course I always hold them from the ends without touching components or contacts but was just curious.

As far as DDR4 goes, I think I'll be waiting for the next big platform upgrade. Don't think I'd switch for just DDR4.

Guest said:

I hope they cleaned that RAM in the pic too.

Guest said:

Well, she's touching the edges, there's no gold around the edges :P plus I used to touch the gold parts all the time with no problems, gold doesn't really react with anything, so you could just wipe whatever finger grease off. Is it really that bad to touch the gold connectors?

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