Interview with 'Ravaged' indie developer, 2Dawn Games

By on September 6, 2012, 3:04 AM

Earth is dying. Devastated by a pole shift, the planet's oceans have evaporated and its cities reduced to rubble. In its struggle to survive, mankind has split between two warring factions: the Scavengers, savage marauders hell-bent on claiming the world's remaining resources, and the Resistance, freedom fighters working to restore civilization. With humanity undergoing its greatest test, where will your loyalties lie?

Currently in beta (keys given away at the end of the interview), Ravaged is the brainchild of Boris Ustaev and his crew at 2Dawn Games, who have spent the last few years toiling away on a fast-paced post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter with a strong focus on skills, teamwork, vehicular combat and most importantly, fun. In other words, it's everything the folks at 2Dawn have wanted in a modern PC shooter, but have been unable to find.

We recently had a chance to chat with 2Dawn about its upcoming title, its experience with Kickstarter and what it's like developing a PC game as an independent studio today.

Read the complete interview.

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daniel319 said:

I would like to have this beta key please


KbloodyK KbloodyK said:

THIS GAME SOUNDS FANTASTIC! I bet that it will be the new "Borderlands" I would love to test drive the Beta version of this game, so I would love a key.

-The KbloodyK

skitzo_zac skitzo_zac, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I R can haz beta key?

DUMMY13586 said:

I would like to receive a beta key for this game.

DanUK DanUK said:

Mmm would love to give this a try looks good! Also have to agree with the Dev team.. I'm a multiplayer man through and through, can't do single player games any more.

Stupido Stupido said:

This indeed looks like fun game...

may I step in the line for a key?

Also a question:

I assume it is DX game... which version?

also are any plans for Linux support?

EricS said:

The Game looks great. I will take a beta key please.

Sinderan said:

Looks amazing, May I have a beta key please?

seefizzle said:

Can I have a key?

Thank you.

Skallywag Skallywag said:

Wow I wasn't sold until I saw this interview. May I have a key please?

KulWun said:

Reminds me of RAGE, but a lot more fun :) - If there are still keys I would love to have one.

Thank you.

1 person liked this | marinkvasina marinkvasina said:

I've been waiting for a game like this.

I want a key please!

tehbanz tehbanz said:

Oh I'd love a beta key!

This game looks intriguing, glad you brought it to our attention!

j05hh j05hh said:

Mad max the video game!!! I'll take a Beta Key!!

Mahlz Mahlz said:

Looks saweeeet.

Key pls ^.^

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Great interview and promising looking game. Love what indie developers are doing these days. They're not hamstrung by giant corporations who are looking to make the quick buck.

Sentai said:

Been loving TechSpot for a long time now but an awesome Game with free Beta Keys pushed me over the edge to sign up for one! :D

I would love to try this game.

LNCPapa LNCPapa said:

I wasn't sold until I watched the video - game looks like fun.

Zecias said:

Looks interesting, I'd like a beta key

Matthew Matthew, TechSpot Staff, said:

All of the beta keys have been spoken for, though we've contacted 2Dawn to see if they'd be interested in handing out another batch.

Jorso said:

I would like a beta key as well :D thanks!

Frett said:

Excellent interview--practical questions and candid answers. Thanks!

If you get any more beta codes, I'd love one!

mrtraver said:

Awesome! I would like a beta key, please. Thanks!!

Leo Martin Lim Leo Martin Lim said:

I'd like to have the beta key... thanks!

microTwr microTwr said:

Thanks for the news Matthew, am interested in a key if more arrive.

DynamikArray DynamikArray said:

Good Article, and cool read about a game that looks like allot of fun. If you do get another round of beta keys I would like to have one ... please?

DanUK DanUK said:

Thanks for the key guys looking forward to getting stuck into it this weekend.

If there's anyone playing in UK timezone (or European) that wants some company then hit me up with a msg.

Miff1 Miff1 said:

Can I have a beta key please?

Novulux said:

If any more keys are available, I would like one.

zeeke zeeke said:

Could I please get a beta key?


aqui777 said:

Looks awesome. Please send me a beta key!

likedamaster said:

Me wanty beta key. Please? Thanks.

---agissi--- ---agissi---, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I'd love a key, the game looks amazing. The level in the video reminded me of Desert Combat right away, which is one of my all time favorites for sure. There was a little note about them making DC, so if its the same guys, which it looks to be from super fast buggy type combat pictured, we're in for a treat! I care more about getting to play this game than any other title out there by a long shot.

FOXBAT2000 said:

Sure sent me a keys, ill try it out


TekFred said:

I would like a beta key.

Storagebox said:

Id like a key too!

Tony Titus said:

I'd like a beta key. I'm more than happy to do a clean machine build to see how it works. Then try it on a maxed out machine to see if it plays well with others.

psycros psycros said:

This sound a bit like Mobile Forces, which me and my friends loved. I read a review of the beta that made it sound pretty bad but I'd still like get a look myself.

1 person liked this | DanUK DanUK said:

Have only played very briefly but hard to tell if it's any good or not because most of the servers are empty. Not sure if I'm logging at the wrong time or not.

Matthew Matthew, TechSpot Staff, said:

According to 2Dawn's marketing assistant, the developers host a "playtest" event most Sundays around 3PM EST. That's been tricky to do the last couple weeks because the developers attended PAX, so perhaps things will return to normal this weekend. I've had poor luck finding people online as well.

DanUK DanUK said:

Fair play. I found that idling in a server usually attracts a few flies. Would be interested to see the distribution of beta keys by country tho, as I have a feeling I may be asleep when you Americans are playing!

Joe Bander Joe Bander said:

I would like a Beta Key - Game looks awesome!

Sof2Junkie said:

Ravaged is what drew me in , then I got lost .... = ] I sure would love a beta key for that if I could.

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