RIM sets January 30, 2013 as BlackBerry 10 launch date

By on November 12, 2012, 9:42 AM

Research In Motion has set a firm date for the launch of its next-generation BlackBerry 10 operating system. According to the announcement, the launch event will happen simultaneously in multiple countries around the world on January 30, 2013, and will include a pair of BlackBerry 10 devices -- a full touch-screen smartphone and one resembling its current Bold flagship line with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

"In building BlackBerry 10, we set out to create a truly unique mobile computing experience that constantly adapts to your needs. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring our customers innovative features combined with a best in class browser, a rich application ecosystem, and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities," Thorsten Heins, chief executive of RIM, said in a statement this morning.

The importance of BlackBerry 10 for the Canadian firm cannot be overstated. It represents the company's best and probably last shot at a turnaround, in a market now dominated by Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones, and with Microsoft set on taking the third spot away from the declining BlackBerry platform.

The company has moved quickly to reinforce its relationship with the U.S. government, getting security certification that will allow government agencies to deploy BlackBerry 10 as soon as they are available. But even in the corporate and government segments where RIM has traditionally been favored due to the security of its infrastructure, BlackBerry devices have been losing ground. Just recently the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as the Defense Information Systems Agency revealed plans to drop their exclusivity contracts with RIM. Yahoo also said it would be dropping BlackBerry as their preferred handheld.

It’s a long road ahead but RIM isn’t ready to give up. Last month, the company said it had delivered BB10 phones to over 50 carriers for testing and investors responded by sending its stock up by 10%.

Among the key features the company is touting are an adaptive dual layered on-screen keyboard, BlackBerry Balance to keep work and business content separately stored on the phone, BlackBerry Flow and Hub for easier navigation and quick notification updates, and even to lost customers it's offering the Fusion platform for them to manage iOS and Android devices through the same servers used for BlackBerry smartphones.

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ikesmasher said:

If worst comes to worst after this release, they can always switch to android from their own OS. that would at least keep them going. but whatever.

1 person liked this | psycros psycros said:

If worst comes to worst after this release, they can always switch to android from their own OS. that would at least keep them going. but whatever.

I'm positive they've taken steps to make that a possible "plan B". Fusion, Android Player and other things point to it and its a wise move. The last thing RIM wants to do is paint itself into a corner. As someone who got into Blackberry for the keyboard and ergonomic form factor, I truly want to see them regain their former mojo. However, there's one huge obstacle that could derail all of their hard work, and that's pricing. RIM has always demanded too much for its top-end devices. If their BBOS 10 phones are priced higher than comparable Windows 8 units, RIM might as well pack it in.

j05hh j05hh said:

Too little too late.

AccordXTC said:

RIM Sets Death of RIM date January 30, 2013. To little too late is right

Ranger1st Ranger1st said:

The original creators and board members were to blame for this, they sat on their self involved asses and for 4-5 years did nothing to improve the system but change the way you can scroll.. pathetic.

dennis777 dennis777 said:

So what innovation did rim come up this time? 3D keyboard? :P

Rasta211 said:

If they wanted to create a truly unique piece of shit, BlackBerry 10 is it! The most expensive piece of shit money can buy!

Schwalbe said:

The presentation would have been better without the goober stating how "amazing" it is, but I agree this may be too little too late for them. They buried themselves by staying quiet the past 4+ years doing nothing about their dwindling market share

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