An internal marketing video from Research in Motion surfaced on Vimeo last night showing two upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The clip has since been pulled but not before was able to capture several screenshots of what we can expect to see in 2013.

The full touch screen L Series phone (codenamed London) has surfaced multiple times in the past and looks nearly identical to Dev Alpha phones that are currently in the hands of BB10 developers. Rumors have suggested this phone will ship with a 4-inch display operating at 1280 x 768 resolution.

Much more interesting, however, is the N Series phone (codenamed Nevada) which includes a smaller touch screen in addition to a full QWERTY keyboard. It's our first time seeing this promised handset and well, it's about what you'd envision it to be.

It looks similar to the BlackBerry Bold lineup sans physical shortcuts, optical track pad and send / end call buttons. Removing these physical buttons and replacing them with on-screen keys lends more real estate to the rumored 720 x 720 square display. The keyboard also appears to be flat rather than rounded.

According to the enthusiast site, RIM plans to market the phones with help from big names like JK Rowling, Lady Gaga and Ridley Scott. A spokesperson for RIM told Pocket-lint that they don't comment on leaks / rumors / speculation but if we had to guess, these look to be the real deal.