Earlier this year I had a look at a couple of iPad keyboard cases from the likes of Logitech and Belkin as part of an iPad accessory survival guide. The nature of that article was more of a round-up covering multiple product categories rather than an in-depth review on each item.

As I mentioned during that article, we hardly scratched the surface in the keyboard folio category, which brings us to today where we’ll be looking at the two aforementioned offerings in greater detail in addition to another popular choice, the Zagg Folio for third and fourth generation iPads.

apple ipad keyboard folio apple ipad keyboard folio tablet

Modern tablets were designed primarily as media consumption devices. But more recently, units like the Asus Transformer and the just-released Microsoft Surface are challenging this idea with optional keyboards built for each slate. Microsoft in particular is keen on showing consumers that Surface can serve as a legitimate productivity machine, which is one of the key reasons we wanted to revisit the iPad keyboard category.

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