Screw Apple, you say. You don't need to enter their closed system to taste sweet mobile bliss! Look, you have a perfectly fine Android handset or tablet on your person. It's still wrapped in plastic, even. Once you remove that protective layer, it's Fun City! We've got you covered on games, you non-conformist rebel.

Google's mobile OS keeps proliferating on more and more handsets and the games hitting that hardware keep getting better. Among our picks are Angry Birds Star Wars II, which is a mild improvement over the original but an improvement nonetheless, as well as Reaper, Temple Run 2, The Room, Rymdkapsel, Super Hexagon, Dots, Triple Town, Hamlet, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Need for Speed and Cut the Rope.

Check them out for some in-game footage and our take on why we think you'll like them - or not.

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