Despite being built with the aging Unreal Engine 3, Thief touts some cutting edge rendering techniques that have had it on our radar for a while. Along with DirectX technologies such as Phong Tessellation and Bokeh Depth of Field, Eidos' latest stealth entry supports Contact Hardening Shadows, which makes shadows more realistic by sharpening shadows on closer objects while blurring those in the distance. Support for AMD's Mantle API is also expected in a post-launch patch sometime next month, though we won't hold our breath though given Mantle was continually delayed in BF4 and buggy once added. Apart from the upcoming addition of Mantle, the PC version offers many improvements over the PS4/Xbox One versions, including better anti-aliasing, higher resolution shadows and support for multi-monitors.

Thief's built-in benchmark appears to do a good job of demonstrating a worst-case performance scenario, so if your system can average 60fps in the benchmark you should enjoy perfectly smooth gameplay from start to finish. A key advantage of this is that you'll be able to more accurately compare your results with ours and for those wanting to upgrade this will give you a really clear picture of what's required.

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