'Crysis 3' hacked to run at 8K resolution is simply stunning

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Current GPU hardware already struggles to run Crysis 3 at 1,920 x 1,080 with details maxed out. If you want to run the game at 4K, you’re going to need a pair of GPUs to pull off the feat. But what if you want to go full-on crazy and run the title at 8K resolution? Not possible, you say?

It is if you are using a hacked executable from K-putt. Just don’t expect the rest of your hardware to be up for the task.

The end result is what some are calling the most beautiful examples of real-time computer-generated graphics they’ve ever seen. If fact, it’s not a stretch to mistake the screenshots for hand-drawn concept art. Yeah, they’re that full of detail.

The enthusiast’s computer – a quad-core Haswell Xeon 1230cv3 and an overclocked Radeon 7950 – was only able to muster two frames per second while running in 8K mode. Technically, he used an ultra-widescreen resolution of 8,000 x 3,333 which consisted of 26.6 million pixels. To render at a playable frame rate, you’d likely need 10 GTX Titans all working together.

To snag the screenshots (each clocking in at around 24MB), K-putt kept the resolution at a normal rate until reaching an area prime for a screenshot. Then, he changed the settings to 8K for the capture.

Be sure to check out his Flickr gallery for all of the full-resolution screenshots. To download an imagine in full-size, select the picture you want then click the three dot dropdown on the right side and select download.

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