I was so ready to hate this game.

Here, prior to last week, were my thoughts on Total War: Warhammer:

  • I did not have the best time with the last Total War game, Rome II, finding it to be a bloated, soulless affair that undid much of the good work Creative Assembly had done with Empire and Shogun.
  • The move to Warhammer’s fantasy world was seemingly getting rid of a big part of Total War’s appeal: the history. TW fans, myself included, go as nuts about a game’s setting as they do the game itself, and seeing the series walk away from the real world was a blow.
  • This isn’t even the good Warhammer. It’s the dorky medieval one.

Yet here I am, the finished product in my hand, and I’m a changed man. My misgivings counted for nothing. This is the best Total War game in years, and I was a fool for fearing otherwise.