For now, the GTX 1080 goes unchallenged as both the best performing and best value high-end GPU, though at the price it obviously isn't for everyone. As attractive as the $600 GTX 1080 is, many enthusiasts are undoubtedly holding out for the much more affordable GTX 1070. Partner cards will start at $380, while the arguably less desirable Founders Edition card will retail for $450.

That presently puts the GTX 1070's introductory price at $50 more than its Maxwell-based predecessor. As a natural upgrade for GTX 970 owners, this premium will probably concern many of you, so we plan to determine if it hurts the card's appeal.

At 37% cheaper than the 1080, there are two major differences between the 1080 and the 1070, the most notable of which has been made to its core configuration. An entire graphics processing cluster has been disabled, reducing the streaming multiprocessor count to 15 - and thus the CUDA core count is 1920, 25% less than the GTX 1080's.

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