Power Consumption & Temperatures

As far as we can tell, the 1070 Founders Edition card uses the exact same cooler as the 1080, and this would explain the slight improvement in thermal performance. With the fan spinning at near silent levels, the card typically operated at 76 degrees Celsius, though, on occasion, it would get as high as 79 degrees. Throughout the testing, a typical boost clock of 1782 MHz was seen, which is well above the quoted 1683 MHz for the boost clock.

Here we see that the GeForce GTX 1070 consumed only slightly more power than the 970 and 9% less than the 1080. This meant it consumed 28% less power than the Titan X and 28% less than the R9 390X.

When monitoring the power consumption playing Black Ops III we see that the GTX 1070 consumed roughly the same amount of power as the 970. This meant it consumed 16% less than the 1080 and 27% less than the Titan X.

The Just Cause 3 consumption of the GTX 1070 was remarkably low as the system pulled just 236 watts, which was 7% less than even the 970 configuration and 24% less than the Titan X.