Germany-based Be Quiet! made a strong impression with the Silent Base 800 in late 2014, delivering on all fronts including top-notch thermals, easy installation, an excellent build quality and plenty of features. Most impressive of all, that was their first desktop PC case ever developed.

Now approaching two years since we tested Be Quiet's initial creation, the company is taking things to the next level. In its most basic form, the new Dark Base 900 is a large well-made enclosure that makes good use of varying materials such as steel, aluminum and glass.

At its core, however, we've come to appreciate it as an engineering masterpiece that is without a doubt one of the most flexible and customizable computer cases on the market today. Almost every aspect of the case can be customized and changed in some way. Out of the box it appears similar to any other high-end full-tower case, but break it down and you'll quickly realize this is a different animal you have in your hands.

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