This generation's GPU battle is heating up. Beginning in May with the flagship GeForce GTX 1080 aimed 4K gamers, Nvidia's 16nm Pascal assault continued a few short weeks later with the GTX 1070 delivering performance akin to a GTX 980 Ti for a heavily discounted price.

Nvidia then decided to soft-launch the GTX 1060 on July 7, providing most of the GPU's specifications and even divulging pricing information. This was no doubt done in a move to steal some of the RX 480's thunder and the timing couldn't have been worse for AMD given its less than perfect release -- though it has since addressed the card's PCIe power concerns.

What we have is a $250 GeForce GTX 1060 ($300 for the Founders Edition) facing off against a $240 RX 480 8GB ($200 for the 4GB model). This fight over the mid-range market should be great news for consumers, although for now we are yet to see Nvidia cards anywhere near their MSRP and AMD is struggling with availability from AIB partners.

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