PC gaming in the living room, from the comfort of a couch, and on a big screen has so far been dominated by the game controller. While this works for some games, the experience suffers greatly in others. For instance, a controller is not exactly ideal for first-person shooters, and is completely useless for real-time strategy games.

Recently, Corsair and Razer have both tried their hand at solving this issue with two very different products, and while we enjoyed testing them we ultimately found them to be either to large and pricey or too small for prolonged use.

At the end of each review, we mentioned Roccat’s upcoming Sova, which was announced way back in 2014! The Sova looked like a more promising couch gamer, addressing most of our gripes with Corsair and Razer's solutions in what appeared to be the right size.

Finally, we now have the Sova on hand, so is it everything we thought it would be?

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