GoPro Helmet Hero HD

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  • Good quality build.
  • Fine image quality.
  • Convenient size.


  • Auto-everything can produce funky exposure.
  • Clunky menu system.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GadgetMac on 70

Some of you may know GoPro as the leader of action sports mountable cameras, and rightfully so. GoPro has pioneered the sports camera for consumers over the years. GoPro cameras aren't just used by us amateurs, but most of all by professional...

By Steves Digicams on

While the GoPro HD HERO may not be a brand new video camera, we here at Steve's finally got our hands on one. By far, the GoPro HERO is the most popular HD video camera used by athletes, racers, and other adventurous folks. This extremely compact...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Stunning image quality, albeit with average audio, makes this the best action camera we've seen...

By CNET UK on 90

The GoPro HD Helmet Hero is a 1080p camcorder that attaches to your helmet, and can also attach to your car, surfboard, bike and so on. Its excellent image quality means it's the device to buy if you want to document your extreme-sports...

By Macworld on 80

The HD Hero is for people willing to invest a little extra time to get shots that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive, or risky, to film. It’s for sports enthusiasts whose hobby includes not just the activity itself, but sitting afterward...

By RegHardware on 80

In the UK, the $270 price of GoPro Surf HD Hero doesn't translate too well, being nearer to £285, so you need to be sure you're going to really use this camera, likewise with the£300 Helmet . For surfers, skiers, wake and snowboarders,...

By Ken Stone on

by Steve Douglas I probably wouldn't have believed it if I had not seen it for myself. I know there are many pint sized cams on the market but this one really surprised me. I was on a shoot in N.Carolina a few weeks ago filming the sand tiger...

By Wired on 80

The problem with doing something epic stupid is that often it's hard to document without destroying your camera.For all you Jackass acolytes there's the GoPro HD Hero, a small wearable camera with a rugged waterproof housing designed to be used...

By 5FWD on 100

Ideal for fans of extreme sports of any ilk – and shoots HD in the most challenging of conditions with ease.GoPro HD Helmet Hero is tagged with actio camera and camcorder. Select a tag (actio camera, for example) to find everything on FiveFWD...

By Engadget on

The GoPro HD Hero is an absolutely massive step forward from the old model in terms of visual and audio fidelity. There's simply no comparing the footage you'll get from one of these to the footage from the originals and, since the design has...

International Review By on

Gadget η Εργαλείο? Εϊναι χρήσιμη μια κάμερα για action sports σε...

International Review By Gear Online on 67

Hvis du mest vil tage flotte action-billeder, og kun en gang imellem vil optage video, så gå opsøg din lokale foto-pusher. Vil du lave sjove og udfordrende action-videoer, der i højere grad handler om action end om æstetik,...

International Review By on 70

Vanliga videokameror har den nackdelen att någon måste hålla i dem och sköta själva filmandet. Gopro HD är däremot avsedd för dig som själv vill filma under mountainbiketuren i skogen eller snorklingen bland...

International Review By on 83

Mit der HD Helmet Hero bietet GoPro eine vielseitige und leistungsfähige Helm-Kamera, die sich dank des optional erhältlichen Zubehörs auch an Surfbrettern und anderen Sportgeräten befestigen lässt. Trotz fehlender...

International Review By Prylportalen on

Vi säger det på en gång. GoPro Hero HD är inget du filmar din kusins konfirmation med eller något annat högtidligt. Kameran har ingen blixt, ingen möjlighet till zoom, ingen lyxig färgskärm på baksidan...