Cooler Master CM 690 2 Basic

  • Cooler Master CM 690 2 Basic
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  • Easy installation and management in the case, Great paint job inside and outside, Plenty of room for expansion, Water cool ready.
  • Solid build quality, Excellent cable management, Budget friendly price, Room for eight more fans, Nearly toolless installation
  • Price: $69.99, Simple design, Allblack interior, Solid construction, Cable management, Silent case fans, Partial toolless design, Dust filters


  • Only two fans, No SSD support, Close price of the 690 II Advance
  • Only 2 fans included, Must remove front cover to installed 5.25" bay devices, Dust filters not easily removable

Expert reviews and ratings

By UMLan on 100

CM 690 II Basic is a very well designed case and it is definitely leaves a great first and after impression. Providing its users with ease of use and fast installation, CM 690 II Basic becomes and no brainier pick in the store. I would like to briefly...

By Real World Labs on

The Cooler Master 690 II Basic definitely does its predecessor justice. With clean, understated lines, excellent functionality, and solid build quality this case definitely carries on the high reputation of the 690 line. Cable management...

By Tech Arkade on 90

Everything Put Together: Performance:The Cooler Master CM690 II Basic Edition case is a full tower case shrunken down to a mid tower size. There is just a ton of room on the inside, which made for an easy, almost flawless, install. Apart from the...

By Hi Tech Legion on

As fore mentioned, I thought that the CM 690 II basic case was extremely easy to work with as it was surprisingly spacious for a mid tower. Another reason that made the build effortless was the superior tool-less design, with the 3.5 and...