Dell XPS 8500 Series

  • Dell XPS 8500 Series
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  • Solid performer across the board.
  • Attractive and functional case.
  • Hard drive/SSD combo aids performance.


  • Standard warranty cut to one year.
  • Limited expansion room.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Good Gear Guide on 70

Dell's XPS 8500 is a small desktop PC with a neat style, a good range of connectivity and fast performance. Give it a go if you want a pre-built machine from a brand name vendor that can be used for productivity, multimedia and gaming....

By Computer Shopper on 80

Call it a high-end mainstream desktop or a midrange gaming PC, the XPS 8500 delivers potent parts for the price: an "Ivy Bridge" Core i7 processor, high-end Radeon graphics, and a useful hard drive/SSD combo in our test model. Creative professionals...

By PC World on 70

The Dell XPS 8500 manages to keep a low profile while being a great gaming or media system....

By PC Mag on 80

The Dell XPS 8500 brings the company's top consumer desktop into the "Ivy Bridge" generation with fast graphics and SSD storage. ...

By CNET Australia on 60

Dell makes a game effort to set the XPS 8500 apart from other performance PCs, but it overshoots with a pricey SSD, making the price hard to justify given this system's average overall...