BeyerDynamic T5P

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  • In a class of its own for portable cans. Build quality is top notch — these will be durable for decades, not just years. 32 ohms of impedance makes them plenty loud on portable rigs, so there’s no need for a headphone amp.


  • Errrrm, uh, the carrying case isn’t goldplated?

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By on 100

High-end headphones demand to be partnered with equally good quality equipment and source material. That means they are not usually items for using on the move.They also tend to be rather too large and awkward to wear in public. Nevertheless, with the...

By Wired on 90

My normal process for reviewing audio gear is about a two-week routine: Listen to a wide range of music, take notes along the way, and then bang out a pithy review. When I put the Beyerdynamic T5p headphones on, I knew that the normal routine...

By AVguide on 85

When Beyerdynamic introduced their T1 top-of-the-line headphones earlier this year the company captured the attention of the Playback staff. In our review we said that, “the T1s are the best combination of midrange neutrality, vividness and...

International Review By Area DVD on

Schon seit der letzten IFA im Programm ist der geschlossene Kopfhörer beyerdynamic T 5 P, der auf eine UVP von 890 EUR kommt und sich an den HiFi-Enthusiasten wendet, der auch unterwegs nicht auf absolute Referenzqualität verzichten...

International Review By on

Na T5p by ste celkom zbytočne hľadali dáke chyby. Hrajú skutočne úžasne! Konštrukcia je pevná, bez väčšich chýb. Pohodlie je taktiež na úrovni. Na circumaurálny model celkom...