Etymotic MC5

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  • Stellar noise isolation; solid build quality; very clear, detailed, balanced, and accurate sound.


  • Deep-insertion form factor takes getting used to; neutral and balanced sound won’t appeal to everyone.

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By on 80

provides a smorgasbord of eartips with the MC5s to help ensure the perfect fit. And, if you want the snuggest placement possible, there's even an optional custom-fitting service.Where some in-ears can overdose on bass, the MC5s don't sound boomy...

By Top Review Shop on 90

Though the name Etymotic Research may mean little to those of us from the Skullcandy generation, the company has no qualms about claiming the title of “world leader of In-The-Ear Technology”. Unlike most marketing claims, however, there is...

By Trusted Reviews on 60

Newer, cheaper and better; three words we love to hear at TrustedReviews, and apparently an appropriate description of the Etymotic Research MC5 earphones. Newer is impossible to dispute, as is cheaper, but better? Well, apparently the MC5...

By Expert Reviews on 60

The MC5 earphones sound generally well-balanced, but their noise isolation isn't as effective as we hoped....

By Pocket-lint on 70

The mc5 might feature better tech than the hf2s, but while they are good, it's no...