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  • Interesting looks.
  • Comfortable.
  • Great price/performance ratio.


  • Rubbery cable makes noise when dragged over clothing.
  • Glossy finish shows fingerprints.

Expert reviews and ratings

By AVRev on

SOL Republic is a young company but I like their game plan. High quality, fairly priced, customizable headphones that stomp on the standard headphones included with most portable devices like the iPod. Being able to mix and match colors and styles...

By Beatweek Magazine on 100

Popular brand names are often popular for a good reason: they have a history of making excellent products. But every once in awhile a company neither we nor you have ever heard of comes along and serves up a product which instantly becomes the best...

By GadgetMac on 80

Sol Republic has stirred up quite a lot of press when the brand announced itself for the first time earlier this year. One of the founders of Sol Republic just so happens to be the son of Monster Cable's founder so we naturally have high...

By Maximum PC on 90

Money can’t buy you love, but 100 bucks will buy you a better set of headphones than we would have thought possible before we strapped Sol Republic’s Tracks to our noggin. The Tracks feature a very unconventional design in which the ear...

By Audioholics on 60

The SOL Republic Tracks are a truly innovative headphone for just $99. I think Kevin Lee and crew have certainly managed to break into a market with a highly sellable product that should do well, simply because it's unique and has some aesthetic...

By cnet on 73

If you're looking for Monster Beats-style sound at a more affordable price, the Sol Republic Tracks should be on your short...

By Appletell on 80

NowAt Appletell, we’ve suggested numerous times that you upgrade beyond the horrible headphones that came with your iDevice. Trouble is, we’re often recommending...

By on

The first thing you'll notice about the Tracks is that they look more like a hair band fashion accessory than a set headphones, especially considering they're available in black, red and white. Guys, don't let these put you...

By PC Mag on 80

The affordable SOL Republic Tracks out-competes plenty of more expensive headphones that specialize in bass performance, but it's not a comfortable headphone pair....

By Chip Chick on

Sol Republic is the brainchild of Kevin Lee formally of Monster Cable, who is no stranger when it comes to developing audio products, as well as Seth Combs who has been living and breathing the music and audio industry for years. Whether it be in...

By Gizmodo on

Sol Republic is a new headphone company whose roots lie in a product you're all well familiar with: Beats by Dre. But unlike those $400, bass-happy cans, the Tracks headphones only cost $100. Why It Matters When it comes to headphones that...

International Review By Les Numériques on 40

Le concept est là et ne demande qu'à s'imposer. Il faut pour cela que Sol Republic réussisse à l'épauler d'un son de bonne qualité. Sol Republic Tracks Les Numériques...