SteelSeries 7H for iPod / iPhone and iPad

  • SteelSeries 7H for iPod / iPhone and iPad
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By Vortez on

Although the SteelSeries 7H i-edition is a well-designed product with neutral styling and a high build quality which will appeal to many consumers, it may be filling a gap in the market that may not even be there. The headset is marketed as a mobile...

By Overclock3D on 93

Quality and Ease of UseNo need to beat about the bush here, or even leave you wondering for a moment. The quality of the SteelSeries 7H is impeccable. Every single thing about them is designed without compromise.The packaging is the first hint that...

By on 80

A great product, but a simple, low cost PC adapter would have...

By HardwareHeaven on 100

As the build quality and construction is identical between the original 7H and this model let's take a look back to what we said about that product before we concentrate on this revision..."In terms of build quality and design the 7H is right up...